/ TOS 5

Not Just a Simple Iteration, But a REVOLUTION

TOS 5 is designed for professional users. Not only have the storage structure and data interaction mode been reconstructed but also, compared with the previous generation, it adds more than 50 features and 600 improvements. The new features meet more business requirements, as well as significantly improving response speed, security, and ease of use.
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3 Times Faster

TOS 5 adopts progressive JavaScript language and a lightweight framework with faster loading speed. TOS 5 features bidirectional data binding, easier data manipulation, and automatic synchronous response to data changes in the page; UI, data, and structure separation makes it easier to change data without the need to modify logic codes. 
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Stylish and Fashionable

The overall UI of TOS 5 adopts the most popular web page style, which is more concise and elegant. The icons use a lightweight packaging format optimized for web pages and the rearranged layout for some options brings it more in line with your aesthetics and usage habits. 

Intelligent and User-Friendly Interaction

TOS 5 features simplified system installation steps, supports one-click initialization, and automatically creates new volumes and folders. File access management is made more convenient through newly added favorites, recent access records, and my sharing shortcut access methods. 

Take full control of your TNAS

The new iconic resource monitor board allows you to grasp the operating status of your TNAS comprehensively and intuitively in real-time; at-a-glance visibility of system load, CPU and memory usage, network traffic, disk I/O, device temperature, storage, processes, online users, listening ports, and system resource occupancy. Historical records of up to 30 days can be easily traced back.

Brand New Log Center

Every company demands high-reliability storage. IT administrators need to know the execution status of the system and various services to rapidly diagnose abnormalities and quickly eliminate faults, ensuring the continuous running of the business. The new log center comprehensively collects system and service logs according to your business needs. The log receiving function can use your TNAS as a log server to receive logs from other devices, saving on IT investment costs.

Graphical Resource Monitor Board

You can intuitively grasp the operating status of the NAS with the new iconic resource monitor board, which gives you a clear view of system load, CPU and memory usage, network traffic, disk I/O, device temperature, and storage health.

Professional Storage Management

TOS 5 adds a variety of strategies for hard drives, storage pool, LVM, SSD cache monitoring, detection, and management. You can fully grasp the health status and operating efficiency of the storage space in real-time, eliminating the risk of data loss caused by disk failure in a timely manner.
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Account Management and File Services

Business-Oriented User and Privilege Management

In TOS 5, the privilege control supports multi-level and multi-policy permissions management for up to thousands of users. It can configure combined permissions for users, user groups, and storage spaces to meet the needs of various business scenarios.

Diverse Files, Easy Searches

Terra Search is a flexible and powerful file content search tool that can help you quickly find file content that matches keywords from a large number of diverse file types. This improves efficiency when searching books, documents, files, and legal documents. Supported file types for searching include office files, pdf, photos, and music.  Learn more

Supports Multiple File Services and Platforms

TOS 5 provides a full set of file services with higher compatibility and applicability to meet the requirements of various business types, including SMB/CIFS, NFS, FTP/FTPS, AFP, WebDAV, and Iscsi. It also supports various operating platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Efficient and Convenient File Deduplication

The new file deduplication provides you with a flexible deduplication strategy to improve the utilization of your storage space. The concise and intuitive configuration menu is easy for beginners to master without professional skills, reducing your operation and maintenance costs.

Fully Protect Your Data Assets

We are fully aware that data is a critical asset for businesses and individuals! TOS 5 features new security measures such as login OTP two-factor authentication, RSA 2048 encryption, and a new Hyper-Lock WORM file system and security isolation mode, which greatly improves the security of user data. 

Login OTP Two-Factor Authentication

Regardless of whether your TNAS device is online, use the dynamic One-Time Password (OTP) randomly generated by TNAS mobile to perform login secondary verification and effectively prevent user passwords from being hacked. No communication is generated in the password generation process, ensuring that the password cannot be intercepted in the communication channel, which fully guarantees login authentication security.
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Hyper-Lock WORM File System

Data can be written at one time within the customized protection period and cannot be deleted or modified. This effectively protects your data from malicious damage, deletion, or tampering and provides data protection for up to 70 years; essential for the financial, judicial, medical, and scientific research sectors, as well as other business users. Learn more

Unique Security Isolation Mode

TerraMaster’s unique security isolation mode completely isolates your TNAS device from the external network through network isolation, digital signature, and file format restriction, providing a safer operating environment and effective protection against virus and ransomware attacks. Learn more

Unleash Your Storage Space Potential

TOS 5 features optimized storage architecture to reduce the system space occupation. The file deduplication system, file system compression, TRAID elastic array, and other functions also save you up to 40% of storage space. (learn more)

TRAID, Flexible Disk Array

By optimizing the traditional RAID mode, TerraMaster RAID (TRAID) gives you flexible disk array configuration, flexible online migration, capacity expansion, and redundancy policies. As well as improving disk space utilization, it also provides solutions and security protection for storage space changes caused by new business requirements.
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File System Compression

TOS 5's new file system compression can compress data during routine data storage. You can customize the compression level based on your business, saving up to 30% of storage space.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Policies and Solutions

Reduce complexity and embrace simplicity. All backup needs can be completed through a single portal, providing one-stop backup solutions including Central Backup, TerraSync, Duple Backup, Snapshot, USB Copy, CloudSync, and other comprehensive backup tools. This meets your clients’ disaster recovery and restoration requirements, as well as backup policies and destinations. 
TFM Backup  TFSS  USB Copy

Business-Oriented Proactive Backup

To improve management efficiency, medium and larger-sized businesses need a centralized and active backup solution for multiple users, PCs, and servers. Centralized Backup is a business-oriented backup solution that supports backup and restoration for multiple device types. You can centrally backup data of dozens or even hundreds of PCs, servers, or virtual machines with only one TNAS.
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Multi-Terminal Data Synchronization

TerraSync, a TerraMaster self-developed synchronization tool, realizes data synchronization between multiple users and multiple devices. It efficiently implements data sharing among branch offices and data synchronization between individuals on multiple devices and platforms, which assists employees in collaborative work and improves work efficiency.
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Duple Protection for Your TNAS Data

Failures from disks, systems, and device hardware can all cause data loss. Store copies of your data on different devices and even in different locations to protect your valuable digital assets in the event of accidents. Duple Backup creates a backup of your data in TNAS and can also specify multiple backup destinations, providing duple protection for your data.  Learn more

A New Generation of Cloud Drive Synchronization

The new CloudSync app integrates multiple cloud drives and syncs them into one application, including Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze, Box, Dropbox, Koofr, OpenDrive, pCloud, Yandex disk, and Aliyun. This allows users to centralize the management of multiple synchronization tasks and add a variety of cloud disk synchronization options including Aliyun and Rackspace. A more flexible, stable, and efficient solution for data synchronization between your TNAS and cloud drives is facilitated by your choice of customized synchronization strategies, such as traffic control, scheduled tasks, and encryption.  Learn more

CCTV Surveillance

TNAS is an ideal video recording storage device. The new Surveillance Manager makes full use of TNAS storage resources to realize camera management, real-time monitoring, video storage, playback, query, event and activity monitoring and recording, providing you with economic and flexible video monitoring management tools to safeguard your personal and property safety.
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Virtual Machine Storage Space Expansion

Share your TNAS Iscsi LUN storage space with virtual machines as storage space expansion through NFS or Iscsi Manager, providing a cost-effective storage solution for virtualization.  Learn more

Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

Centralized Backup actively backs up the data in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine to TNAS. If the virtual machine malfunctions, the data can be quickly restored to the newly-configured virtual machine to reduce the impact on your business.

Brand-New Docker Manager

Combined with docker-compose and portainer, the new Docker Manager features an optimized operation interface, with multiple new features which provide visual management that meets all your requirements for container customization and flexible configuration.

AI Photo Management

Terra Photos is TerraMaster’s brand-new AI photo management application that provides smart solutions for your photo management and sharing; it uses intelligent AI algorithms to identify and classify faces, pets, locations, and other objects in your photos.
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TNAS mobile 3

To adapt to TOS 5, TNAS mobile has also ushered in a comprehensive update, TNAS mobile 3. Featuring an optimized user interface and interaction, it has also added mobile phone backup, photo management, personal folders, team folders, data safebox, TerraSync, remote administrator, and other functions, which provide more convenience for remote access, mobile office, and remote management of your TNAS.
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