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What's TOS?

TOS is a web-based operating system specially designed for TerraMaster NAS that adopts a desktop, multi-functional user interface to provide reliable and seamless file sharing, data backup, and integrated virtualization solutions. In addition, TOS provides enterprise users with a variety of professional applications and tools that general users can operateeasily.


Discover how TerraMaster TOS provides efficient data management solutions

Data Backup Protection

TNAS allows both enterprise and individual users to quickly and easily create a safe and reliable backup environment.
Centralized Backup
Duple Backup
TFM Backup
USB Copy

File Sync Across All Devices

Work seamlessly across devices Access your personal and shared files and folders from the platform that is most convenient for you, no matter where you Keep your data in sync and safe.
Storage Utilities

Data Security Mechanisms

The unique security isolation mode that offers users a safe and reliable operation environment isolated from external risks.
Security Isolation Mode
HyperLock-WORM File System
OTP Authorization
Offline Backup

Multi-Function Server

TNAS also supports a variety of server types for enterprises and end users.
VPN Server
MySQL Server
Surveillance Manager
Terra Search

iSCSI and Virtualization Solutions

TNAS is widely used as a scalable storage device for virtualization, provide reliable storage for external hypervisors.
iSCSI Manager
TerraMaster Hyper Cache

Multimedia Center

TNAS offers secure storage and backup for photos, videos, and audio files of multiple types to allow easy access and sharing, anytime and anywhere.
Terra Photo
Multimedia Server
Plex Media Server
iTunes Server

Cloud Services

TerraMaster provides cloud services, enabling your TerraMaster NAS remotely connected in the simplest way.
Remote Online Access
TNAS mobile 3

Efficient System Management

Simplify management through centralized monitoring and configuration.
Brand New UI
TOS 5 Live Demo

TOS 5.1 - Available Now

The TOS 5.1 kernel has been updated from 4.19 to 5.15. Compared with the previous generation, TOS 5.1 optimizes EXT4/Btrfs/NTFs file system and SMB3 file server, uses ext4/f2fs/ubifs file system encryption in encryption API, enables Apple M1 SoC function under Linux, and adds the support for USB4 interface greatly improves the performance and security of the file system.
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TOS 5.0 - Not Just a Simple Iteration, But a REVOLUTION

TOS 5 is designed for professional users. Not only have the storage structure and data interaction mode been reconstructed but also, compared with the previous generation, it adds more than 50 features and 600 improvements. The new features meet more business requirements, as well as significantly improving response speed, security, and ease of use.
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