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TOS 5 APP Development Guide 

In order to allow developers to independently develop applications that can run on TerraMaster TOS, TerraMaster provides developers with an APP development environment and packing tools. 

Development Process

Download the development environment --> Develop application --> Pack application --> Test  --> Apply for listing --> Update 

Download the development environment

TerraMaster TOS Toolchain is a Linux-based development environment that you can use to develop applications that can run in TerraMaster TOS. This tool is officially provided by TerraMaster and will be updated regularly.

System requirement

  1.CentOS 64 bits
  2.Memory4GB or above
  3.Drive free space100GB or above

Develop application

Since TerraMaste cannot provide direct technical support to every developer, if you need to develop your own application in the TOS development environment, you need to be familiar with the Linux environment and rich development experience. During the development process, if you need assistance, please visit the TerraMaster official forum. 

Pack application

The developed application needs to be packaged into a .tpk installation package. For the packaging method of the tpk installation package, please refer to the TOS 5 application packaging guide.


In order to ensure that the application you developed can work normally, the packaged installation package needs to be tested in different versions of TOS. In order to test your application, you may need to purchase a TerraMaster TNAS device. 
The application you have developed can be published to your friends or customers. You personally maintain the application and assume corresponding responsibilities. If you think that the application you have developed can provide value to more users, you can apply to put your application on TerraMaster official application market. 

Apply for listing

You first need to fill in the "Third Party Application Key Info Table" and send the form to: pm@terra-master.com. TerraMaster's product team will evaluate your application and may require your application to be tested. Only after passing the test, your application will be available on the application market. 


If your application needs to be updated, please contact the TerraMaster product team at pm@terra-master.com and provide your update package. The new update package will be put on the application market after passing the test. 




Third Party Application Key Info Table