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TOS application center of TerraMaster has officially been launched and more users can download and install customized application software in TOS application center. TerraMaster provides an open development platform, so developer can independently develop application installed in TOS, which make more TerraMaster users experience the wonderful time of application by developer.

Development process
Application → 2. Development → 3. Verification → 4. Launch

Developer can contact with TerraMaster and illustrate the name, type, function, purpose and technical innovation of application to be developed in the contact information and give your name, telephone, company name and contact. The product department of TerraMaster will evaluate the application you plan to develop and keep touch with you once the receipt of the application. Please contact with the product department of TerraMaster at sales@terra-master.com
TerraMaster provides the development environment and compiling routine for developers. Please contact with the product department of TerraMaster to obtain development tools.
Application can be submitted to the product department of TerraMaster upon the completion of development. Our professional test team will test and verify the application.
Application will be launched to TerraMaster application center for users to download it after verification is passed.

TOS Application Developer Guide x.86

TOS Application Build Tools x.86

TOS Application Developer Guide ARM_V8_64bit

TOS Application Build Tools ARM_V8_64bit