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What is TerraSync?

TerraSync is a cloud drive service application that helps users build their own private cloud drive services using their TNAS devices. By setting a synchronization policy, file synchronization can be achieved between TNAS and TNAS, TNAS and Windows computers, TNAS and macOS computers, and TNAS and iOS/Android mobile devices. TNAS can thus be used to set up an autonomous, independent, secure, and economical private cloud drive.


TerraSync Server is the lead application of the TerraSync cloud drive service. It is used to configure synchronization folders and synchronization policies and to manage file versions and permissions. The application runs on TNAS server and must be used with TerraSync Client, TerraSync Windows, TerraSync mac, or TerraSync iOS/Android client to achieve file synchronization between the TNAS and the relevant devices.

Supporting multiple clients

The TerraSync synchronization service supports many common clients, including TNAS devices, Windows computers, macOS computers, iOS/Android mobile devices. TerraSync can thus meet all of the cloud drive needs of both home and business users.

Smart and efficient synchronization strategy

By monitoring the status of folders and files, the TerraSync client can detect the status of files in real time, comparing these with the server records to quickly complete the synchronization of newly added or modified files.

Historical version restore function

TerraSync Server can manage multiple historical versions of synchronized files and backup files. If users accidentally delete data or disasters occur, users can thus examine the historical version records through the client and select the most appropriate version to restore.

Team cooperation

By configuring personal folders and team folders, users can establish team collaboration groups while protecting private data. They can also assign permissions to group members to allow group members to collaborate to complete a project together. TerraSync can thus help teams achieve more by simplifying file sharing and collaboration to improve teamwork and efficiency.

Computer directory backup

In addition to file synchronization, TerraSync's desktop clients for Windows and macOS also have computer directory backup capabilities. Through the desktop clients, users can back up specified folders in the computer to the TNAS: thus, if a user accidentally deletes data or a disaster occurs, the user can examine the historical version records through the client and select a suitable version to restore.

Data Security

To optimize data security, when performing backup tasks or synchronization tasks between TerraSync clients and servers, SSL certificates are used to encrypt the entire process. Users can also import and configure trusted digital certificates independently.

Full control

TerraSync not only provides users with detailed backup and restore task configuration histories, but also keeps a list of millions of file backup and transfer records, allowing full monitoring of backup progress and the ability to detect abnormalities in real time.

Suitable for a variety of applications

TerraSync is suitable for both home users and business users with multiple offices or branches. Team sharing through TerraSync improves team collaboration and efficiency.