/ Surveillance Manager

What is Surveillance Manager?

Surveillance manager is a video surveillance management tool that allows the creation of a video surveillance system with multiple IP cameras. Using the TNAS, cameras are connected through the ONVIF protocol, which allows direct management of cameras, as well as viewing of both real-time images and historical recordings. Recordings from all network cameras are directly transmitted to the TNAS and held in a specified storage location.

Simple to Use

Surveillance Manager uses a web browser for both configuration and management, so no recording device needs to be connected to a separate monitor. Any computer in the network can also log in to the system to view recordings.

Good Compatibility

Surveillance manager adopts the general ONVIF protocol that can be adapted for most general-purpose cameras. It also supports automatic camera search, which simplifies the connection and configuration of cameras.

Suitable for a Range of Users

The surveillance manager can connect dozens of cameras simultaneously to support multi-channel recording. This makes it suitable for both families and small and medium-sized business users.

Multi-channel Real-time Monitoring

The surveillance manager supports multi-channel real-time monitoring. The screen display layout can also be customized, with switching between screens taking only one click.

Timeline Rollback

Recorded video can be rolled back simply by dragging the timeline or customizing the review time period, making it easier to view historical events.

Recording Schedule

Surveillance Manager supports the creation of both custom recording schedules and activity-triggered recording to improve storage space utilization.

Organized Recording Storage

Recorded video is classified and stored under camera and time details, offering convenient organization to facilitate rapid querying and downloads.