/ CloudSync

What is CloudSync?

CloudSync is a cloud drive synchronization application that facilitates fast and secure data synchronization between the TNAS and relevant cloud drives. It is thus a very practical and efficient one-stop cloud drive disaster recovery solution.
Unlike in previous versions, in TOS 5, the synchronization of various cloud drives has been integrated into one application, making it more convenient for users. The application layout has also been redesigned with some additional feature to optimize the user experience.

Supporting multiple cloud drives

CloudSync integrates a variety of mainstream cloud drive synchronization functions in one application, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Baidu, and Alibaba Cloud. You thus only need to manage one application to achieve a range of cloud drive synchronization management functions.

Multiple synchronization strategies

CloudSync provides users with both two-way and one-way synchronization strategies. Two-way synchronization increases flexibility of data utilization, while one-way synchronization increases the focus on data protection and thus enhances data security.

Data leakage prevention strategy

In order to improve the protection of sensitive data, CloudSync supports data encryption. Data may be encrypted before being synchronized to the cloud drive, and then decrypted after being synchronized back to the TNAS to prevent data leakage on the cloud drive.

Flexible configuration

In order to meet specific customer needs, CloudSync also supports various flexible configurations such as synchronization bandwidth limits, file size limits, synchronization file type limits, and synchronization frequency restrictions.

Full control

CloudSync not only provides users with a detailed synchronization task configuration history, but also retains a list of millions of file backups and transfers, allowing monitoring of the backup progress and the identification of various exceptions throughout the process.