/ TOS 5-UI

Lighter and smoother, response speed increased by 300%



Using progressive JavaScript language, TOS 5 has a more lightweight framework. In addition, through two-way binding of data, the view, data and structure are separated. When the page is operated, it automatically responds to changes in data, which makes the system “lighter” and achieve faster loading speed.

Response speed increased by 300%

New caching technology avoids network round trips between the server and the database, bypasses the calculation that occupies resources, saves server resources, and improves response time and waiting time, so TOS 5 has the fastest response time in the current TOS family. Compared with the last generation, the TOS 5 response speed has increased by 300%!


Use WASM to optimize the calculation method and execute the back-end complex calculations on the front-end, thereby reducing the calculation pressure on the server. In addition, TOS 5 uses the most popular back-end language at the moment, which can support high concurrent requests. Compared with traditional interpreted languages, the compilation speed is faster.

Concise and intuitive, the most “beautiful” TOS system so far


Concise and intuitive

We have made a new design of icons and components. The new design adopts a unified standard, which makes the entire page have a more uniform style. As the new icons and components can intuitively express the operation content, it is easier for users to become familiar with the system operation, which reduces the difficulty of use. In addition, TOS 5 has re-adjusted the menu depth, which can be reached within three layers, and the status bar has been optimized, which can more clearly display the user’s current operation information.

Easy to operate

TOS 5 has deeply optimized the pop-up windows and buttons. The positions of frequent command buttons and important command buttons are adjusted to the most prominent places on the page, which is more in line with the operation logic. TOS 5 adjusts the pop-up window to the center of the page. When multiple windows are opened, it will be shifted to the lower right to facilitate switching between windows.

More beautiful

TOS 5 adopts a redesigned menu, the layout is arranged in the order of “Normal-Primary-Secondary-Tools”, the icon in front of the menu is consistent with the font height, and the menu is arranged in a single row. The operation page is more beautiful and more coordinated with the page style; the overall page is simple and elegant, with soft colors, and users can also customize the wallpaper and login page. TOS 5 may be the most beautiful version in the TOS system at present.

More friendly interactive experience


Reduced risk of misoperation

To avoid the risk of misoperation, TOS 5 requires a second confirmation or even inputting the password for all risky operations; for illegal input or errors in operation, it will prompt the cause, so that you can understand the cause of the error and take targeted measures.

Friendly user interaction

TOS 5 adopts the basic principle of “user-oriented”. First, it simplifies the installation steps and supports one-click initial installation and automatic creation of new volumes and folders; Secondly, it has more friendly human-computer interaction:
1. Integrate same or similar functions together to reduce your operation steps;
2. Standardized design makes it easier for you to learn and operate;
3. The number of controls on the interface has also been adjusted to suit your habits;
4. In addition to the mouse, you can also use the Tab key to switch and use Enter to execute.

Powerful support and help system

The help and support of TOS 5 has been re-optimized. 1. Each interface has a “Help” option. You can easily know the introduction and operation guide of the module through this option; 2. The Help option in the system interface allows you to enter the service center of TerraMaster online, where you can get almost all services including installation and use, video guidance, downloads, forums, online customer service, etc.; 3. Professional technical support functions allow you to obtain more professional remote service support.