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What is Terra Search?

For many medium and large institutions, finding the required information from among their vast quantity of stored files can be a big challenge. Terra Search's file content search capabilities can help overcome this challenge by quickly locating and identifying multiple types of mainstream documents containing search keywords based on an easy-to-establish database and search engine set-up, which can significantly improve the work efficiency of employees.

Customized for industry applications

Terra Search has been specially developed and customized for business users, promoting the characteristics of flexibility, speed, practicability, and broad application. Terra Search is thus suitable for institutions and enterprises that need to manage large numbers of documents, such as libraries, hospitals, scientific research establishments, and military and government installations.

Powerful search engine

TerraSearch has a built-in powerful search engine, which, combined with its large database, can easily handle millions of document management and content search functions to search hundreds of target files per second; actual performance is limited only by the hardware performance of the TNAS device.

Applicable to a variety of documents

TerraSearch is widely compatible with documents across various mainstream formats, including Office documents, text files, pdfs, photos, music, e-books, web files, and code, enabling it to meet more than 90% of business users' common search needs.

Image text content recognition

TerraSearch has built-in automatic recognition of text content in images, allowing it to identify text appearing in images in multiple languages. Supported image formats include jpg, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, and tif.

Custom search criteria

In order to increase search efficiency, TerraSearch supports user-defined search conditions. Users can thus add search conditions, such as file name, extension, title, owner, and creation time, based on their own needs.

Custom search directory

By setting specific search directories and file types, users can limit the scope of any search, improving search flexibility and efficiency.

Search result preview

TerraSearch provides a preview function of all search result, even pictures. Users can view all search results for pictures and text through the preview window to quickly screen for more accurate search results.

Category display

The flattened category display on the search page allows users to filter for documents, pictures, applications, and videos during searches, making the search results clear at a glance.