/ TNAS Mobile 3

What is TNAS Mobile 3?

TNAS mobile 3 is a new generation of mobile client developed by TerraMaster for TOS 5. TNAS mobile 3 optimizes the user interface and transforms user interaction, as well as adding new functions, such as, phone backup, photo management, personal folder, team folder, coffer, administrator, etc., to facilitate remote access, mobile office and remote management of TNAS devices.

More Beautiful and More Fashionable

TNAS Mobile 3 UI adopts the most popular, current page style which is both concise and elegant. Its icons are in lightweight encapsulation, optimized especially for mobile web pages, with some of the options reformatted, thus being more in line with modern aesthetic taste and usage habits.

Easy Document Classification

TNAS Mobile 3 can sort and classify the photos, videos, music and documents in specified folders to quickly select content matching the keywords, thus improving efficiency when searching for videos, music or documents. The addition of Recent Access, Favorites, My Share, and Quick Access enables you to retrieve documents more quickly and easily.

Protect Your Privacy

Do you have important bills, personal documents, or private photos that need secure storage? TNAS Mobile 3 is designed with a revolutionary new function, namely the coffer. Data stored in the coffer is encrypted using military-grade RSA 2048 encryption. Encrypted data cannot be opened or read without the encryption key, even if the hard disk falls into the wrong hands, so as to provide you with the highest-level of security protection.

Manage Your TNAS Anytime, Anyplace

TNAS Mobile 3 has a new administrator feature. You can view the running status and system information of your TNAS in real time, executing operations such as shutting down or restarting your TNAS, enabling or disabling file service, remote terminal access, media index, etc. all via your mobile phone. Moreover, TNAS mobile 3 can also receive notifications from your TNAS in real time, giving you full control from your phone.

More Secure Access Protection

Regardless of whether your TNAS is online or not, you can use a dynamic OTP (One Time Password) randomly generated by TNAS Mobile to perform secondary login verification, to effectively prevent your user passwords from being cracked. No communication is necessary to generate the password, thus, effectively ensuring it cannot be intercepted, and fully guaranteeing the security of your login authentication.

Free up Memory Space on Your Phone

Failure, loss or replacement of your mobile phone may result in you losing precious photos. TNAS Mobile 3 can instantly back up photos from your album to your TNAS, freeing up valuable memory space on your phone. Furthermore, the mobile phone back-up album has automatic sorting and retrieval functions which facilitate quick and easy access to your photos, videos and files.

Easier Sharing

Beautiful memories should be shared with friends and relatives. By setting the name of the photo to be shared, the expiry date, the number of times access is allowed, download permissions, and password verification options, TNAS Mobile 3 can share your photos quickly and easily.

Balance Sharing with Privacy

Personal space is a private space, mainly used to store personal data, which can only be viewed by the user themself. Public space is for sharing with family or team members, mainly used for storing public photos or documents. Data isolation between personal and public space is convenient and easy to manage; share files within a company by project or department and collaborate between offices whilst simultaneously protecting your personal, private data.