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  • How can data be recovered in the event of hard drive failure following configuration of D4-310/D2-310/D5-300/D5-300C to RAID 1 or RAID 5 array?
    Data can be recovered based on the following steps: 1. The dysfunctional hard drive should be replaced when TerraMaster DAS is powered on and connected to the computer, with the capacity of the new hard drive being the same or greater than that of the dysfunctional one; 2. Following replacement of the dysfunctional hard drive, data recovery will occur automatically, the recovery time depending on the hard drive's capacity. Both TerraMaster DAS and the computer must be kept powered on during this process; 3. During data recovery, orange flashing will be displayed by the indicator light of the new hard disk; 4. Finalisation of data recovery will be indicated by the normally-on status of every hard disk.
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