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  • How does the computer remotely login to TNAS?

    Computer remote login means that users use computer to log in and manage TNAS device in different place via internet. TNAS device must be connected with internet in order to realize remote access. There are two methods of remote login to TNAS of computer users: login and DDNS login:
    1. Remote login via Administrator need to enable TNAS online remote access before using the function.
    To Set Up
    1.Go to TOS Desktop> Remote Access>;
    2.Check "Enable remote access";
    3.Register a "TNAS ID" and remember your TNAS ID. TNAS ID is the unique ID bound to your TNAS device. If the ID you entered is already in use, please try another one;
    4.Click "Apply". To use on either a Windows or a Mac computer, please enter ID in the browser address bar, if your TNAS ID is Jack2010, please enter "".
    2.Remote login through DDNS. DDNS is the abbreviation of Dynamic Domain Name Server. DDNS should be set and used according to the following steps: The following are DDNS setting and the use steps
    1.Go to TOS Desktop> Remote Access> DDNS;
    2.Check "Enable DDNS";
    3.Select a DDNS server;
    4.Please fill in the information obtained when registering the DDNS service;
    5.Click "Apply";
    6.When the TNAS setup menu indicates "Connected", DDNS has been successful set up.
    To Use DDNS for Remote Access (Windows and Mac computers apply):
    1.Please enter the domain name and port number (given by your DDNS provider) into your browser's address bar, then hit "Enter";
    2.Enter your TNAS username and password, then click "Login".

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