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  • Why does it fail to search for TNAS device through TNAS desktop application?

    If the TNAS device cannot be found through search in TNAS desktop application, the device will not start initialization and is still unavailable. The following are common reasons why TNAS desktop application cannot search for TNAS and the relevant countermeasures:

    Reason 1: TNAS desktop application version is outdated.

    Solution: Update TNAS application to the latest version. Please visit the Download Center on the official website of TerraMaster to download the latest TNAS desktop application based on the product models of TerraMaster. And search again after installing TNAS desktop application.

    Reason 2: TNAS is not well connected with the network:

    Solution: Please check if the connectin with TNAS and the indicator of the router or Switch port is normal; if not, it indicates that TNAS device is not connected to network. Please change a network port or try again after replacing a network cable.

    Reason 3: Hard drive inside TNAS device may be damaged or the hard drive fails to communicate with TNAS normally.

    Solution: The indicator light should be pink or blue when the hard drive works normally. Please check the hard drive indicator of TNAS and if it is red, it means that the hard drive fails to start. Please pull out the hard drive that shows red light, reinsert into the slot, and then restart TNAS. After restarting, please replace a new hard drive and try again if TNAS still cannot be searched by TNAS application;

    Reason 4: TNAS and the computer are not on the same network;

    Solution: if TNAS and the computer are not on the same network, TNAS desktop application will be unable to search for TNAS device. Please connect TNAS and computer within the same network.

    Reason 5: The computer opens firewall;

    Solution: Please remove TNAS from the firewall stop list.

    Reason 6: 2 or more network cards are used on the computer;

    Solution: Several network cards on one computer will lead to conflict and make TNAS fail to communicate with the computer. In this case, please turn off other network cards and keep the network card being used.

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