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  • How to initialize the TNAS device for first starting with TNAS?

    Newly purchased TNAS products cannot be used until completion of initialization. Please visit the official website of TerraMaster, and then click Installation Guide and finish the initialization of the product in accordance with guidelines on the page.

    Please kindly note:
    1. TNAS can install 2.5 inch SATA hard drive, 3.5 inch desktop SATA hard drive or 2.5 inch SSD. Please refer to Hard drive Compatibility on the official website of TerraMaster for suitable installation of hard drive brands and models.

    2. If there are not any TNAS devices showing up in the TNAS desktop application menu, please refer to FAQ for troubleshooting.

    3. Input Administrator user name and password on the TOS login page, and the administrator user name is admin and the initial password is admin as well. Administrator name can not be changed but the initial password can be changed. Please be sure to remember the new password.

    4.For uninitialized TNAS, the system will automatically enter the initialization guide page when you first login TOS. Please finish the initialization in accordance with the guidelines on the page.

    5.Initialization will remove data on the hard drive, so please back up important data.

    6. System initialization will take ten minutes, please wait; after initialization, the page will refresh automatically to TOS login page. If the page does not refresh automatically, please close the page and use TNAS desktop application to search for TNAS again, and then click TOS Login in TNAS application menu.

    7. After TNAS is initialized, the hard drive will format itself automatically and create RAID.

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