/ TOS Beta Test Program

The new TOS(4.0.17 beta) improves some of the features in the older version, improves the performance of the TNAS product, and adds some new features. This update includes:

1.Fixed the issue that Webdav could not be used.
2.Fixed the fan speed problem.
3.Imported the new application center.
4.Added email verification function in TOS initialization.
5.Matched with the latest TNAS Mobile APP making admin function be realized in TNAS Mobile APP.

Important Notice:
Before installing the beta software, read the following in detail.
1.Evaluation Only-This Beta Software is intended for your testing purposes only and is not intended to be installed in an operational environment, and we will not be liable for any loss of data caused by the Beta Software.
2.TOS 4.0.17 Beta software can only be update from TOS 4.0.09 or later version.
3.Downgrade is not supported-after you install, you cannot downgrade the software to a previous version.

How do I install the TOS beta software?
1.Go to the official website download center http://download.terra-master.com and download the TOS beta software to your computer.https://dl.terra-master.com/cn/TOS_S2.0_Update_JM33_4.0.17_223.bz2 
2.Please go to TOS > Control Panel > General Settings > Update & Recovery, check “Manual update” from Software update;
3.Click "Browse" to select the TOS software;
4.Click "Apply"; the system will automatically restart when the updae is complete and the TOS beta software installation is complete;
5.After installing the TOS beta software, if the TOS UI does not display correctly, clear your browser's cache and try again.

Applicable models:

Bug report:
To help us improve the software and provide you with a better user experience, if you encounter problems during testing, please send the report to: support @ terra-master.com.