TNAS Mobile frees you from the shackles of your computer

TNAS Mobile is a dedicated APP for TNAS (TerraMaster NAS) devices. With TNAS Mobile, you can access TNAS locally and remotely on your mobile device, back up photos and
videos in your mobile to TNAS, browse office files or PDF documents, upload or download files, browse and play multimedia resources, and you can even use TNAS Mobile to initialize your TNAS.

Note: TNAS Mobile can only be used with TOS 3.0.31 and above.

APP Download

Currently, the latest version of TNAS Mobile for Android is V2.4.16, for iOS is V2.4.12 and can be downloaded in following 2 ways:

1. TerraMaster official website, SUPPORT-DOWNLOAD—Put in product information—Choose “Mobile Applications”—Scan the QR code to download

2. Android users can search for "TNAS Mobile" on Google Play and download. Apple users can search for "TNAS Mobile" on Apple Center and download

How to use

1. Open the TNAS Mobile App, and select your own TNAS device based on the IP address or if not find, you need to click the “+” in upper right corner to input your TNAS address.

2. Input the user name and password, and after successful login, the main interface of TNAS Mobile will show up.

With TNAS Mobile, you can manage files on your phone, and back up data of your phone to TNAS. If you need help during use, you can go
directly to the "Support" page of TerraMaster official website with only one click “Help and Feedback”.
TNAS Mobile is very flexible and convenient for daily use, enables you get rid of the shackles of the computer.