/ How to Get More TNAS Applications? Tmnascommunity Third-Party Free Apps Make Your TNAS More Diverse

In recent years, with the increasing demand for data storage, more and more users are choosing NAS as their storage solution. TerraMaster is one of the brands that is committed to providing high-performance, high-reliability, and high-value NAS solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and home users. As a professional brand in digital storage products, TerraMaster continues to introduce new products and technological innovations to meet the constantly changing needs of users.

To provide users with a more enriching experience, developers around the world who love TNAS devices are constantly developing new applications. These applications can help users better manage and utilize their data. And now, the TerraMaster TNAS Community Application Platform, tmnascommunity.eu, is officially launched.

The TNAS Community Application Platform features a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly find the applications they need through system version filtering, direct search, and other methods, and complete installation in just a few minutes.

Open-source Community

The platform is an open-source community, and anyone can participate. Developers can submit new packages, fix errors, and update existing packages, which contributes to the continuous growth of the number of applications on the tmnascommunity.eu platform.

Diverse Applications

It provides users with nearly 100 free TNAS applications, covering various fields such as multimedia, development tools, data backup, security, networking, and business. Users can choose and download the applications they need from the TerraMaster TNAS Community Application Platform to meet their specific requirements.

Some examples of popular applications include Jellyfin for organizing, managing, and sharing digital media files, ModBase1 for common libraries and tools used by other modules, and the open-source software qBittorrent.

TOS Operating System Function Extension

The tmnascommunity.eu community application platform extends the functionality of TerraMaster's TOS operating system, providing users with more download and installation options. All applications support TOS4 and TOS5 systems, and since the TOS 5.1 system, TerraMaster has directly added the entry of this community application platform in the official TOS application center, making it more convenient to access.

Professional Technical Support

Developers will answer users' questions in the community and provide technical support to solve problems, helping users better understand and use their TNAS devices. 

Better User Experience

With more and more developers joining the TerraMaster application development team, the functionality and application scope of TNAS are becoming increasingly diverse, adding more playability to TNAS. By using the applications provided by tmnascommunity.eu community, it can meet users' needs easily.

How to install third-party apps on TOS?

1. Log in to the tmnascommunity.eu application platform.

2.Download the desired application.

3.Manually install the application: TOS-Application Center-Settings-Manual Installation.

All in all, the Tmnascommunity third-party application platform for TerraMaster NAS devices not only provides a great development environment for developers but also offers a wide range of applications for users, expanding the functionality and utility of TNAS devices and meeting the diverse needs of different customers. Join the TerraMaster TNAS community and experience the rich applications now!

Access address: https://tmnascommunity.eu/