/ Building Secure and Reliable Private Cloud Storage: TerraMaster TerraSync Solution for File Management and Collaboration

When it comes to data synchronization, we face a myriad of challenges stemming from various platforms and service providers. Traditional cloud storage platforms often raise concerns about security, storage capacity, and costs, leaving many users apprehensive. In this era of rapid information expansion, there's an elevated demand for data security and more efficient management methods. However, numerous conventional cloud storage services fail to adequately meet these evolving demands.

Simultaneously, other NAS synchronization software comes with its own set of limitations. Their synchronization strategies tend to be relatively singular, with limited version tracking, making it challenging to adapt to the ever-changing needs of users. This limitation becomes especially apparent for those seeking seamless synchronization across different devices.

In this diverse and rapidly evolving data landscape, the quest for a solution that bridges platforms, ensures security, reliability, and meets on-demand synchronization needs has become increasingly pressing. Users aspire to autonomously manage their data, guarantee its security, and freely share and access files across different devices. This demands a novel synchronization software that offers more options, heightened flexibility, and robust security measures.

TerraSync is a TerraMaster cloud storage application that aids users in establishing their own private cloud storage using their TNAS device. By configuring synchronization strategies, TerraSync enables file synchronization between TNAS units, TNAS and Windows PCs, TNAS and macOS computers, as well as TNAS and iOS/Android mobile devices. Leveraging TNAS to build a private cloud storage solution signifies an autonomous, independent, secure, and cost-effective approach to private cloud.

Three Sync Strategies:

Bidirectional Sync: Ensures continuous synchronization between server and client, maintaining data consistency.

One-way Download: Transfers data unilaterally from the server to the client, ensuring the latest data version.

One-way Upload: Sends data unilaterally from the client to the server, safeguarding server-side data security.

TerraMaster provides users with flexible version limits and scheduled version rotation, allowing you to restore file versions to specific moments whenever needed. Deleted files can also be easily recovered from the recycle bin. This flexibility and reliability serve as the ultimate guardians of your data security.

To ensure comprehensive data security, TerraSync employs SSL certificate encryption for the entirety of backup or synchronization tasks between its client and server, guaranteeing secure data transmission. Additionally, users can autonomously import and configure trusted digital certificates.

Simultaneously, the on-demand sync feature optimizes space usage by enabling users to download only the necessary files, eliminating the need to store all files on their local devices. This feature significantly benefits users dealing with vast quantities of files or limited storage space. TerraSync's file list displays immediately, eliminating the need to wait for all files to download. Even in offline mode, files synchronized on demand remain accessible on local devices, enhancing flexibility and convenience for users.

Users have the autonomy to decide which files to store on their local devices based on importance and frequency of use. They can selectively choose files for download and synchronization, facilitating better file management and organization according to their preferences. This level of control allows precise file management adjustments, granting users substantial flexibility to adapt file storage and synchronization methods to their specific needs.

Moreover, TerraSync supports web-based file viewing and sharing. Setting up a shortcut access in the application center grants direct access to TerraSync's page. Additionally, TNAS, through ClondSync, enables cross-site file synchronization and backup in public clouds. This feature ensures automatic file synchronization among various sites, maintaining data security and consistency.

How to view and access files by web browser?
1. Login to TOS operating system and go to the application center

2. Click on the installed application on the left and find the application settings in the upper right corner

3. Select TerraSync and edit the alias. When finished, click the alias to enter TerraSync and use it.