/ Easy-To-Use VPN Solution with TNAS

The full name of VPN in English is "Virtual Private Network". A VPN is defined as a temporary, secure connection through a public network (usually the Internet), a secure, stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Using this tunnel can encrypt data several times to achieve the purpose of using the Internet safely. A virtual private network is an extension of a corporate intranet.

VPN Server function in TOS 5 offers an easy-to-use VPN solution based on setting up a TNAS device as a VPN server to allow other devices to remotely connect to the TNAS through a private channel, ensuring data communication security. Multiple devices connected to the VPN Server then form an interconnected network based on these private channels.

Supports multiple VPN protocols 

TerraMaster VPN Server supports PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec protocols, allowing it to adapt to different network environments to meet a range of business needs.

Multiple authentication methods 

VPN Server supports PAM and LDAP authentication, can connect with local users and domain users, and supports PAP, MS-CHAP, MD5, SHA, RSA and other authentication methods to ensure the privacy of private channel connections. 

Real-time network I/O monitoring 

VPN Server uses graphs to monitor the network I/O of each VPN connection in real-time, allowing you to know the status of online devices and the I/O load of the network in time.

Simple operation interface 

VPN Server uses a flat menu, with each VPN connection managed separately. The advanced setting items offer default options that simplify use, removing he need for complicated configuration options. The interface is thus simple, intuitive, suitable for both home users and small and medium-sized business users.  

Log tracking  

VPN Server stores a complete operation log and execution log, helping users to understand the operation history and the connection status of the VPN service at a glance, allowing rapid troubleshooting of any faults.  

VPN Server can help remote users, company branches, business partners and suppliers to establish a trusted and secure connection with the company's intranet, and is used to cost-effectively connect to a secure extranet VPN for business partners and users. Install TOS 5 system to try this function and your feedbacks are appreciated.