/ How to choose a disaster recovery tool?

As long as there is data transmission, data storage and data exchange, there will be risks such as data failure, data loss, and data damage, due to natural or man-made disaster. Once it occurs, it will bring incalculable losses to the data center. Therefore, disaster recovery is an important guarantee for data security.


TFSS (TerraMaster File System Snapshot) is a disaster recovery tool developed based on the BTRFS file system. By taking advantage of the characteristics of the file system to take a snapshot of the entire file system of the TNAS device, it can avoid data loss due to wrong operations or ransomware attacks.

Filesystem level snapshots
TFSS is a snapshot tool based on the BTRFS file system. The BTRFS file system introduces advanced storage technology and Snapshot snapshot technology, which can provide flexible and efficient data protection and recovery tools while improving high data integrity.

Entire file system protection
Once TFSS is enabled, it will automatically snapshot all volumes in the TNAS device using the BTRFS file system, without the need to manually set the snapshot destination and storage location, and all data under the file system will be fully protected. Each file system can retain up to 1024 snapshots, providing you with adjustable data protection capabilities that save storage capacity and meet stringent snapshot performance requirements.

Requires very little storage space
The TFSS snapshot function uses the BTRFS COW (copy-on-write) feature, so snapshots can be created almost instantly. Each snapshot only needs dozens of K storage space, and it can provide secure data protection without occupying a lot of disk space.

Efficient data restoration
Snapshot files are stored as read-only file types in hidden system directories, and once created, the content cannot be modified. When a disaster occurs or is attacked by ransomware, through TFSS's intuitive graphical interface, you can browse historical versions of file system snapshots and restore data to the state before the disaster with just a few clicks.

Custom snapshot schedule
TFSS provides a customizable snapshot task schedule, and the snapshot time, period, and frequency can be customized. With a comprehensive snapshot schedule, you will no longer be afraid of ransomware attacks and give your data peace of mind.

This new application-TFSS will be officially released in the TOS 5 system on June 13. For more details, please follow the TerraMaster official news. At the same time, welcome to discuss in our official forum about the new features of TOS 5 system.