/ Improved Virtualization Application of TNAS

iSCSI, short from Internet Small Computer System Interface, also known as IP-SAN, is a storage technology based on the Internet and the SCSI-3 protocol. iSCSI uses TCP/IP ports 860 and 3260 as communication channels. Essentially, iSCSI enables two hosts negotiate with each other over an IP network and exchange SCSI commands. In this way, iSCSI creates a storage area network (SAN) by emulating a commonly used high-performance local storage bus with a WAN.

What is iSCSI Manager? 

NAS is now widely used as a storage device for virtualized computing, and TerraMaster iSCSI Manager allows the creation of multiple iSCSI targets and LUNs on the TNAS to facilitate this. The customization of the available capacity, permissions, and connections through a graphical interface helps you meet your storage space requirements across a range of virtualization environments.

Custom ISCSI Target IQN  

Using iSCSI Manager allows the creation of multiple iSCSI targets on the TNAS, with customize IQNs for ease of identification. You can also choose to enable authentication or mutual authentication for each iSCSI Target to increase access security. 

Customize network management policies 

To improve network utilization efficiency, a dedicated network interface and channel for the iSCSI Target can be designated to separate that sub-network from the networks of other services. To optimize the transfer efficiency of the iSCSI Target, the maximum fragment size in terms of bytes transmitted and received can also be limited. 

Multiple session connections 

In order to adapt to a range of complex virtualization application scenarios, iSCSI Manager allows users to enable multiple session connections from one or more initiators for each iSCSI Target. However, while multiple session connections provide flexible connections for initiators, improper settings may put data at risk. This makes it important to use multiple session connections only within cluster-aware file systems. 

Balance performance and flexibility 

Multiple LUNs can be created and mounted to a specified iSCSI Target. iSCSI Manager provides both Thick provisioning and Thin provisioning configuration strategies for LUN storage space, with Thick provisioning offering better storage performance and Thin provisioning offering more flexibility in terms of storage space utilization. 

Safer protection  

Snapshot technology allows snapshots to be taken of LUNs to prevent any data loss caused by misoperation or accidents. Note: Snapshots are not supported under the Thick provisioning configuration. 

Initiator access control 

By default, all connected initiators in iSCSI Manager have read and write permissions for LUNs. It is, however, possible to customize access permissions for each initiator to meet the specific needs of the organization. 

Low-capacity write protection  

When the remaining storage space of the LUN is limited, if an initiator were to continue to write data to the LUN, the LUN might be destroyed. iSCSI Manager thus has a specially designed low-capacity write protection function that prevents the initiator from continuing to write data when the LUN is operating at low capacity to offer bult-in protection.

TerraMaster iSCSI Manager has been released in new TOS 5 system. Install TOS 5 and try this function now! If there is any problem, please feedback to us.