/ New Duple Backup-Disaster Recovery Solution for TNAS

For all walks of life, data is the core and most important wealth, but natural and man-made disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hacker attacks, and human misoperations threaten the stable operation of data and information systems all the time. In the information-based IT system, disaster recovery (DR) refers to the combination of disaster recovery and backup. It uses IT technology to protect enterprise data to ensure data security and rapid business recovery when the system suffers a disaster. It is a network security guarantee system. It is also an important part of the network and the basic guarantee for the continuous and effective operation of the network and system infrastructure.

TerraMaster Duple Backup offers powerful backup and restore functions, being a disaster recovery tool designed to strengthen the data security of TNAS devices. To prevent data loss due to TNAS device hardware failure or system failure, Duple Backup's intuitive user menu allows users to back up important folders or iSCSI LUNs in the TNAS to multiple destinations such as remote TNAS devices, file servers, or cloud disks. It supports multiple backup strategies, including incremental backup and multi-version backup. The backup and restore process is very simple and intuitive, and lost data can be rapidly restored in the event of device failure.

Various backup objects

The backup object selected for Duple Backup can be a shared folder in TNAS or a specified file directory. The process can also be used to back up the iSCSI LUN, with the configuration of the iSCSI LUN in the TNAS device set to meet the needs of TNAS data backups.

Multiple destinations

Up to four different backup destinations for the data in TNAS can be selected according to business needs: another TNAS device, a file server, a WebDAV server, or various mainstream cloud disks. The Duple Backup Vault client means that using two TNAS devices for mutual backup greatly simplifies the backup configuration process, however.

Secure data transfer 

To preserve data security, Duple Backup uses SSL certificate encryption throughout all backup processes to ensure the secure data transmission.

Efficient transmission

In order to improve backup efficiency, data is compressed before any backup tasks are performed, with a maximum compression rate as high as 30%. This not only reduces users' network bandwidth usage, but also saves on storage space, reducing IT investment costs.

Ease of Restoration

Through its intuitive graphical interface, Duple Backup provides restoration methods for a range of different destinations. If an accident occurs, users can use the Duple Backup restoration tool to restore data quickly and efficiently, minimising any losses.

3-2-1 Backup Strategy

In order to prevent data loss in the event of an accident, a 3-2-1 backup strategy is widely adopted by many users. This involves keeping three backups of data, two of which are stored on different devices, with at least one stored in a different location. Duple Backup, as a backup tool specially designed for TNAS, is ideal for implementing this 3-2-1 backup strategy.

Full control

Duple Backup not only offers a detailed backup and restore task configuration history but also provides a list of all file backups and transfers, allowing ongoing monitoring of backup progress and various exceptions throughout the process.

Suitable for a variety of applications

Duple Backup is suitable for both home users and business users with multiple offices or branch offices. Based on combining local backup and off-site backup for branch offices, it can provide reliable security for all data processes.

Duple Backup was not officially released prior to TOS 5, as it remained in the development and testing phase. TOS 5 thus features the redesigned Duple Backup with an optimized user interface, additional features, and improved user experience. Download the TOS 5 operating system and try it now!