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In this digital age, data plays a crucial role, as our photos, videos, files, and precious memories are all stored on electronic devices. However, we often overlook one essential thing – backup.

Backup is the best way to protect our digital assets and is crucial for ensuring data security in the event of unexpected incidents. World Backup Day reminds us that both individuals and businesses should always prioritize the importance of backup.

As a leading brand in the field of data storage, TerraMaster not only provides efficient and reliable backup solutions but also offers users a convenient and user-friendly experience.

TerraMaster continuously innovates in the storage field, ensuring that your data is always safe and reliable. Whether you are an individual user or a business customer, TerraMaster can provide you with tailor-made backup solutions to ensure that your digital assets are always best protected.

Facebook Giveaway Event: Win F2-212 Free Gift!

To celebrate World Backup Day, TerraMaster is hosting an exciting Facebook Giveaway event to express gratitude to our users for their support and trust. In this event, two lucky winners will have the chance to win a brand-new F2-212 device!

The F2-212 supports up to 22TB of hard drive capacity, with a total storage of up to 44TB, allowing you to store a vast amount of photos, files, videos, and music and centralize your data backup in a secure and reliable place. Additionally, the F2-212 offers various backup solutions:

1. Time Machine Backup:
Allows macOS users to back up data on MAC computers, manage folder storage quotas, and selectively restore data based on the previous version of the backed up data as per timeline.

2. TerraMaster File System Snapshot (TFSS):
TFSS takes snapshots of entire file system of a TNAS device by reaping the benefits of the features of the file system, so as to avoid data loss caused by misoperations or ransomware attacks.

3. TFM Backup:
With TFM Backup, users can easily back up shared folders in TNAS or to a wide range of various local storage locations or even to a remotely mounted folder.

4. CloudSync:
This backs up or synchronizes TNAS data with the cloud drive, which not only improves the availability of cloud data, but also provides several offsite backup versions, thus safeguarding the security of your data.

5. Snapshot:
It is possible to take continuous snapshots of your folders or iSCSI LUNs by enabling the snapshot schedule with the advanced storage technology and optimized snapshot technology available via the BTRFS file system. When problems arise, the system can roll back to points-in-time and restore to the last backup, thereby ensuring that your data is well protected.

6. Duple Backup:
In order to provide several offsite backup versions, Duple Backup provides advanced data protection by backing up files in TNAS to another remote TNAS, file server, or cloud drive.

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