/ User-friendliness and Aesthetics: TerraMaster TOS 6 Redefines Your Storage Experience

As a professional storage solutions provider, TerraMaster always prioritizes user demands, striving for continuous innovation and evolution. Anchored in user experience, TerraMaster consistently introduces high-quality products that meet market demands, offering comprehensive data storage solutions.

Over the years, TerraMaster has released multiple NAS series products tailored for diverse user groups, including individuals, households, and enterprises. Among them, the TOS operating system stands out as a highlight of TNAS. From TOS 4 to TOS 5, and now to TOS 6, TerraMaster has continually pursued innovation, ensuring an ever-improving experience for customers. Today, TOS 6 has reached new heights, emerging as the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing operating system.

TOS 6 introduces a completely redesigned user interaction model, rejuvenating the experience from the inside out! Providing TNAS users with an unparalleled upgrade journey, every aspect, from the fresh user interface to reinforced data security, has been meticulously refined to ensure users have access to the most advanced storage and management solutions.

Brand New User Interface

 TOS 6 adopts a brand-new desktop design aimed at allowing users to focus more on content and reducing the clutter of complex pages. Desktop icons have been removed, creating a clean and tidy desktop background. All applications are now intuitively displayed on the navigation bar, making it easier for users to switch between different application menus.

Convenient Menu Design

A brand-new "Start" shortcut menu has been introduced, allowing users to quickly access recently used applications and view all installed applications with just one click. It supports searching for installed applications and control panel settings. Personalized settings and shutdown/restart buttons have also been integrated to make operations more convenient.

Vivid Interactive Experience

 TOS 6 elevates the interactive experience to new heights by introducing animation effects on most pages. Not only does this enhance the visual appeal of the pages, but it also helps users better focus on key content, thereby comprehensively improving the user interaction experience.

 Brand New System Dashboard

 A brand-new system dashboard has been introduced, featuring not only a new layout but also highly customizable functionality for users. Users can freely customize the content modules displayed on the dashboard, and they can also drag and drop dashboard modules as they wish to adjust their display order, making the interface more aligned with user usage habits.

Highlighting Personalized Styles

A global night mode has been introduced to help users effectively reduce eye fatigue. Multiple emphasis colors are provided for users to choose from. By changing the emphasis colors of menus, buttons, prompts, and icons, users can customize the TOS page to showcase different personal styles.

Ultimate Convenience in Operations

 For the hundreds of settings items in the TOS 6 control panel, users are allowed to directly jump to other settings items in the control panel without leaving the page. Additionally, a keyword search function has been provided to allow users to quickly find the settings they need, doubling the convenience of system operations.

 Additionally, TOS 6 enhances security protection mechanisms, ensuring a more secure data storage environment. The majority of applications are configured to run under user accounts rather than using root or administrator accounts. Catering to different user needs, TOS 6 introduces two new modes, "Compliance Mode" and "Enterprise Mode," to the Hyper-Lock WORM file system, providing users with more flexibility in usage.