/ What Makes Syncing and Sharing Files So Easy and Efficient?

If you work or play on multiple different devices every week, or often collaborate on projects with colleagues and clients, you must need an efficient file sharing and synchronization solution to keep your work and life organized. TerraMaster NAS makes file sharing and syncing easy, so you can sync and share files your way.


What’s TerraMaster NAS?

The full name of NAS is "Network Attached Storage", which is a kind of network storage device that can store important data such as photos, movies, music and office files centrally.It can be used as a storage space for personal use, or shared with relatives, friends and colleagues.NAS can access data through computers, and you can use the mobile App to access data on mobile devices such as mobile phones at any time as well.

TerraMaster brings users simple and efficient NAS experience, while providing a variety of applications for you to share and enjoy files and multimedia content.

Share and Sync Files with CloudSync:

You probably use several different computers and devices throughout the day. CloudSync syncs files on every device, so when you need important data, no matter which device you're using, you have a way to get it in real time. By giving friends or colleagues access, you can sync and share huge files across the globe, making it easier to collaborate across distances.

What’s CloudSync? 

CloudSync is a cloud drive synchronization application that facilitates fast and secure data synchronization between the TNAS and relevant cloud drives. It is thus a very practical and efficient one-stop cloud drive disaster recovery solution.

Supported Cloud Disks:

CloudSync integrates a variety of mainstream cloud drive synchronization functions in one application, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Baidu, and Alibaba Cloud.

Multiple Synchronization Strategies:

CloudSync provides users with both two-way and one-way synchronization strategies.

Two-way synchronization increases flexibility of data utilization, while one-way synchronization increases the focus on data protection and thus enhances data security.

Protect Your Precious Documents: 

In order to improve the protection of sensitive data, CloudSync supports data encryption. Data may be encrypted before being synchronized to the cloud drive, and then decrypted after being synchronized back to the TNAS to prevent data leakage on the cloud drive.

In order to meet specific customer needs, CloudSync also supports various flexible configurations such as synchronization bandwidth limits, file size limits, synchronization file type limits, and synchronization frequency restrictions.