/ TerraMaster Surveillance Manager: Smart Monitoring Safeguarding Family and Business in Full

In today's information age, security stands as a pivotal concern for both households and enterprises. With technological advancements, video surveillance systems have become increasingly crucial in ensuring safety. However, conventional surveillance systems often prove cumbersome and challenging to manage, prompting users to demand more intelligent and efficient monitoring tools.

As a brand dedicated to innovative storage solutions, TerraMaster takes pride in meeting user demands. The recent launch of the Surveillance Manager, a monitoring tool tailored to address user safety needs, aims to facilitate smarter home security monitoring and enterprise surveillance. It triggers alerts when anomalies occur, thereby enhancing overall security.

With Surveillance Manager, users can connect multiple network cameras to TNAS, constructing a comprehensive video surveillance system. Through the ONVIF protocol, it manages cameras, views real-time recordings, accesses historical footage, and securely stores camera recordings directly into specified TNAS storage locations.

Real-time Monitoring and Alert Systems:

Surveillance Manager excels in its exceptional real-time monitoring capabilities. Users can easily view live footage from multiple network cameras through the application and configure various alert rules. Upon detecting anomalies or surpassing predefined thresholds, the system automatically alerts administrators, facilitating prompt actions.

Centralized Management Capabilities:

The system boasts robust centralized management capabilities, enabling unified management of multiple cameras. Users can freely add or remove cameras based on different scenarios, ensuring comprehensive coverage of various areas within a household, such as front/back yards, garage, or children's rooms, providing holistic security.

The surveillance Manager not only records video footage from cameras but also securely stores these recordings within TNAS. Administrators can playback recordings at any time, aiding in event investigation and evidence collection. Additionally, strict permission settings ensure only authorized users can access the footage, effectively safeguarding data security.