/ To Build a Home Multimedia and Backup Center, how does an Ordinary Home User Choose a Rack-mounted NAS?

In today's society, digital media has become an indispensable part of people's lives, covering various forms such as audio, video, and images. As people's demand for digital media data continues to increase, how to store and manage these data has become an important task.

To meet this demand, more and more households and businesses are using Network Attached Storage (NAS) to store and manage multimedia files and data.

A high-performance NAS can provide reliable and secure data storage and backup, as well as support multiple devices accessing data simultaneously, which meets the need for multi-user access.

By connecting to the home network, NAS can enable multiple devices in the home to share storage space, thereby achieving storage, management, and sharing of digital media data. Compared to external storage devices, NAS can provide advanced, secure, and efficient data storage and backup solutions, meeting daily backup, multimedia entertainment, and sharing needs.

TerraMaster new short-depth rackmount NAS, U4-423, is equipped with an Intel Celeron N5095 quad-core processor and integrated with a GPU graphics card, AES NI hardware encryption. With two 2.5GbE interfaces, it can achieve transfer speeds of up to 283MB/s. Link Aggregation provides a network bandwidth up to 5 Gb, which makes it powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities.

High-Speed Network Environment:

The 2.5GbE high-speed network of U4-423 provides faster and more stable network transmission speeds. By installing professional multimedia server software to store audio, video, and image files on the device, users can quickly transfer high-definition video, audio, and image data to improve the viewing experience. Through the 2.5GbE high-speed interface, the data can be streamed to other devices such as smart TVs, game consoles, and mobile phones, ensuring smooth multimedia transmission and seamless playback.

Multimedia File Management:

After installing multiple hard drives, U4-423 can become our multimedia file management center. We can access NAS data anytime and anywhere just by connecting to the network. TerraMaster operating system is designed to be simple and easy to operate, providing a rich set of applications. TerraPhoto is one of the applications, which is an intelligent photo management application that uses intelligent AI algorithms to quickly identify and classify people, pets, places, and objects in photos.

Rich Backup Applications:

U4-423 provides various backup applications to meet different needs in different scenarios. Central backup can initiate backup tasks for file servers from the TNAS side, while Dual Backup can back up files, videos, etc. to remote TNAS, file servers, or cloud drives to provide multi-version remote backup. Snapshots can protect data security in case of accidents. In addition, Terra Sync, cloud synchronization, USB copy, and other backup and synchronization solutions can provide complete backup solutions for multimedia files.

 Unique Compact Short-depth Design:

The U4-423 features a 1U rackmount design with a depth of only 360mm. With its compact size and lightweight, it takes up less space than traditional NAS devices, making it perfect for use in environments with limited space, such as home basements, small offices, and server rooms. Additionally, it can be deployed in smaller racks or cabinets for easier maintenance and management of media production, surveillance, and other applications.

Meanwhile, compared to other large NAS devices, TerraMaster U4-423 has another advantage of low power consumption, saving more energy and operating costs. Furthermore, with the latest TOS 5.1 system, the U4-423 storage space can be expanded. By connecting a USB external hard drive box to the U4-423's USB port, it supports the creation of arrays and storage pools, greatly expanding the storage space of the 4-bay NAS.

Overall, the U4-423 is a high-performance NAS device equipped with a powerful processor and dual 2.5GbE network interfaces, providing efficient network transfer capabilities for home users and meeting the needs of a home multimedia and backup center. Users can easily set up their own home multimedia center, store various multimedia files centrally, and play them directly through streaming media or smart TVs, enjoying high-quality audio and video experiences.