Privacy Statement for TNAS Mobile Management Software

TNAS Mobile Management Software is a mobile application software product under the brand of TerraMaster developed by Noon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”). We fully understand the importance of your personal information to you and give its protection and security the highest priority. We are committed to maintaining your trust, safeguarding your personal information, and adhering to the following principles: the integration of power and responsibility, the definiteness of purpose, informed choice and consent, minimal sufficiency, ensuring security, user participation, and openness and transparency. At the same time, we pledge to take the security measures necessary to protect your personal information according to the highest security standards in the industry. Please read and understand this Privacy Statement carefully before using our products or services. We are committed to protecting your personal privacy and the information you choose to share with us. This Privacy Statement explains our policy concerning information collection and use related to the TNAS mobile management software (hereinafter referred to as “the Software”). By using the Software, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of information collection and use set forth in this Privacy Statement.

The collection of your personal information by the Software
The Software is based on DCloud uni-app(5+ App/Wap2App). While running the Software, we need to collect your unique device identification code (IMEI/android ID/DEVICE_ID/IDFA, SIM card IMSI information and OAID), application startup data, and any abnormal error logs, to provide statistical analysis services, improve performance, enhance users’ experience, and provide you with better services. When you use the Software, we also collect the hardware model of your mobile device, hardware address (MAC) of the network device, and network access mode and type, which comprise the basic information required to provide corresponding services and ensure normal operation of the Software.

The use of your personal information and usage data by the Software
All the information collected by TerraMaster TOS and the Software helps us provide you with more personalized services and products to meet your demands. It also enables us to learn more about the use of TerraMaster products for improving our products and services in the future. Unless otherwise stated in this statement, any information collected from you or when you use the Software is only shared between us and our controlled subsidiaries and affiliated enterprises. We will never disclose any of your personal information without your consent.

Acquiring permissions and device information by the Software
The Software may acquire the following permissions and device information from your mobile device. You can deny, rescind, or at any time change, the following permissions in the settings of your mobile device, but this may disrupt the Software’s intended functioning:
·Permission to read data: Read your personal files (images, videos, audios, documents, etc.) for backup and uploading;
·Permission to access local storage: Read and write to the internal storage of your mobile device, and assist you completing backups, and uploading/downloading data files. This is a core permission required by the Software without which it cannot operate as intended;
·Permission to write to an external storage location: Download and write files to SD memory cards using the Software;
·Permission to read from external storage: Read files uploaded from SD memory cards using the Software;
·Permission to mount file system: Download and write files to SD memory cards using the Software;
·Permission to delete cached files: Allow the Software to delete cached files;
·Permission to use camera: Scan the QR code through your camera to bind the device for OTP two-factor authorization at login (dynamic acquisition and active authorization by users);
·Permission to use flash: Access flash and scan the QR code through your camera to bind the device for OTP two-factor authorization;
·Permission to request installation: When the application management module opens the Software APK, it retrieves the system and installs the Software APK (dynamic acquisition and active authorization by users);
·Permission to install application: Automatically retrieve the Software package and update the Software on the user’s device;
·Permission to access network: Allow the Software to access the network and help you connect the TOS device remotely (access to the network connection may generate GPRS flow). Without this permission the Software cannot function normally;
·Permission to acquire network status: Determine the validity of the current network connection; Acquire network information and perform operations through the network (searching for devices, uploading or downloading files, etc.);
·Permission to acquire information if the network status changes: Change network settings if the current line cannot be connected, and upload/download data through the network;
·Permission to acquire Wi-Fi status: Acquire the current Wi-Fi access status, WLAN hotspot information, and IP address, to search for devices in the LAN, and to upload/download data through the Wi-Fi network;
·Permission to acquire information if the Wi-Fi status changes: Change WiFi settings, search for devices in the LAN, and upload/download data through the Wi-Fi network;
·Permission to acquire BSSID and SSID: Acquire BSSID and SSID information to identify and connect to the WLAN network;
·Permission to acquire power consumption statistics: Automatically pause backup to save power when the battery is low (dynamic acquisition and active authorization by users);
·Permission to read and write to system settings: Run the application in the background;
·Permission to use Bluetooth: Access Bluetooth device files (dynamic acquisition and active authorization by users);
·Permission to manage Bluetooth functions: Scan for internal Bluetooth and manage Bluetooth pairing functions (dynamic acquisition and active authorization by users);
·Permission to access Gmail account list: Access the Gmail account list for sharing files or links;
·Permission to write SMSs: Share links;
·Permission to write voice mails: Share functions;
·Permission to change sound settings: Acquire information about changes to sound settings for decoding, playing, and setting music files;
·Permission to read system logs: Access relevant system logs for analyzing the causes of any errors or system crashes;
·Permission to use vibration: Use vibration to alert the user if there is an error inputting the Safe password;
·Permission to read file information: To provide file uploading and backup services, we need to read basic information (e.g., file size, format) about your personal files (images, videos, audios, documents etc.);

Description of permissions required for third-party SDKs to access services
Our products and services may include the products and services of third parties and their website links. When you use these products or services, your information may be collected. The third-party SDKs we currently access are:
Description: Share content to WeChat Moments or send it to your friends.
Privacy policy link:
Company name: Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited
2. com.netease (NetEase)
Description: This is part of the third-party package named in the SDK of the MSA OAID but not NetEase-im. MSA OAID does not proactively collect any data or transmit across the network, but only acquires the following data when the APP is called to determine local status information:
·Acquire device manufacturer, model, and brand, to determine the terminal calling interface;
·Acquire the name of the device’s network operator to determine the virtual machine environment;
·Acquire the APP package name to verify signature;
Privacy policy link:
Company name: Mobile Security Working Committee
3. Alibaba weexSDK
Description: The uni-app basic module is includedby default and used to render the nvue page engine of uniapp;
Privacy policy link:
Company name:
4. weex,com.terramaster.tmplugin
Description: This is used to receive and collect the IP broadcasted by the dedicated TNAS devices in your LAN to help you connect and operate those devices through a mobile phone;
Privacy policy link:
Company name: Shenzhen TerraMaster System Co., Ltd.

Protection of children’s personal data
The Software attaches great importance to protecting minors’ personal information and will never collect any child’s personal information without authorization. If you are a minor, you should obtain the consent of your parents or legal guardians before using the products and/or services of the Software.

Amendment of this Privacy Statement
We have the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time. If there are any major changes to this Privacy Statement, we will post a clear notice on our website’s homepage or send it to you directly. We encourage you to review this Privacy Statement regularly to keep up to date with relevant or changed information relating to the collection and protection of your personal information. Please note that by continuing to use our services you are consenting to the up-to-date version of this Privacy Statement.

Applicability of the Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement applies to all of the Softwareservices. When you login to the Software for the first time, we will prompt you to read this Privacy Statement and request your consent.

Contact information
We welcome any comments you may have about this Privacy Statement. If you find that we have not complied with this Privacy Statement, please contact us directly by emailing We will do our best to deal with and remedy any problems immediately.