TerraMaster Presents Upgraded U12 Rackmount NAS Series with Intel Xeon CPUs

Aug 12, 2021 | CM

12-bay rackmount server for cloud storage equipped with up to an Intel Xeon processor

12th, 2021 Shenzhen, China - TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, launches the U12 rackmount enterprise cloud storage serverequipped with a powerful quad-core Intel Xeon processor.TheTerraMaster U12 is a 12-bay networked storage server with high scalability. The U12 is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise virtualizations, data-intensive applications, and service continuity.

The new TerraMaster U12 Series rackmount storage server is the ideal solution for business cloud storage servers, providing high-speed data storage for multiple sharing users. The latest TerraMaster U12 rackmount server features an upgraded processor, up to a quad-core Intel Xeon, and 8GB of DDR4 memory that’s upgradeable to 64GB maximum. The rackmount server also comes with two PCIe X16 Gen3 slots offering upgrade options such as 10GbE NIC cards and RAID cards. Also, users can configure and upgrade the CPU and memory to enhance performance as required.

Upgraded To Deliver High-Performance

TerraMaster upgraded its latest U12 Series rackmount storage server, equipped with up to a quad-coreIntel Xeon E-2224G processor (3.5GHz, 3Mb cache), 8GB DDR4 memory, and four Gigabit network interfaces. The U12 storage server delivers up to 3000MB/s with over 500000 IOPS. It supports Link Aggregation for continuous and uninterruptable data transmission.

High Scalability

The new TerraMaster U12 rackmount storage server comes with four DIMM slots that can support 16GB DDR4 memory modules. This allows builders to upgrade the U12 with up to 64GB (4x16GB) of DDR4 memory. It also comes with two PCIe X16 Gen3 expansion slots for add-ons such as 10GbE NIC cards (2 SFP + ports) and RAID controller cards.

Feature-Packed and Secured

The TerraMaster U12 rackmount storage server uses an enterprise version of the TerraMaster TOS software featuring advanced security features and user-friendly account management features. Use the TOS to easily manage user accounts, tweak security options per account, and efficient storage space management. It also sends out alert notifications to keep managers informed of the server status. It also supports AES256-bit encryption and advanced firewall options for data security.

Diversified Professional Applications with TOS

The enterprise TOS OS also provides a wide range of professional applications that enables the U12 storage server to support a wide variety of application. This includes file servers, mail servers, web servers, VPN servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, Rsync remote servers, FTP servers, and MySQL servers.

Centralized Storage and Backup

Designed to store sensitive business data, the U12 storage server comes with numerous smart backup options. Users can backup data to a Windows- or Mac-based computer or to an external storage device. Users can also backup data to another TNAS or Rsync remote server. TerraMaster backup application supports data deduplication and incremental backup technology, greatly reducing storage space consumption, effectively protect your data security.


The new TerraMaster U12-722-2224 (Intel Xeon 2224G, 8GB DDR4) will sell for US$3,499.00.
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