Dec 20, 2017 | ZZ

Improvements of TOS 3.1:

1.A brand new user interface for IT managers, comprehensively upgrading TNAS management and application experience.
2.Unique remote access platform, through which, it allows the computer user or the mobile phone user to access TNAS easily and quickly in a remote way.
3.Online TOS help, offering answers to any questions about the use of TOS.
4.Comprehensively updated application program, providing user friendly interface and easier installation and use.
5.Brand-new and optimized Samba kernel provides quicker and more stable Windows file service.
6.Newly-added safe access to HTTPS.
7.Newly-added password protection function and shared directory management function of iTunes server.
8.Optimized mobile phone client access function allows you to access TNAS device easily via the latest TNAS mobile client.

Important note:
Degrading is not supported- This software will be unable to be degraded to previous official version after being installed.

How to install TOS 3.1software?
1. Please go to Download Center ( to download TOS 3.1software to your computer.
2. Go to Control Panel > General Settings > Update & Recoveryand click “manual update” to update TOS software.
3. Click “Browse” to choose update files.
4. Click “Apply” to re-start the system automatically after the end of updating.

There may be some unreadable codes on the settings interface after updating to TOS V3.1. In case of such problem, please follow the steps: 1. Clean browser caching; 2. Close browser; 3. Log in again.

Applicable models:
F2-220, F2-420, F4-220, F4-420 and F5-420;
Software update & maintenance will be suspended completely for the following models from November 30, 2017: U2, N5, F2-NAS, F2-NAS 2, F4-NAS and F4-NAS.

Report of problems:
TOS 3.1 software can only be updated from TOS 3.0.26 version or above.
Please send your problems to so that we can remedy the deficiency of software ASAP and provide you with better user experience.