TerraMaster Thrills CES 2020 Attendees with Bolstered Storage Solutions Showcase

Jan 7, 2020 | Zz

January 7th
, 2020Las Vegas, USA -TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products, including network attached storage and direct attached storage, is pleased to share the positive feedback it is receiving for its product showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening now at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. TerraMaster is showcasing its great products including the latest TOS 4.1 operating system, its cost-effective 10GbE NAS solution and plenty of Thunderbolt storage solutions including the 16-bay D16 Thunderbolt3. CES 2020 is happening this January 7-10, 2020 and we’re inviting everyone present to visit TerraMaster at Hall Sands A-D Booth #41473 to see for themselves the wonderful products TerraMaster has to offer. 

CES has been a long-running expo that aims to share with the world the latest and greatest for consumer electronics with many breakthrough technologies and concepts launched at this event to kick-off the year, many of which catapults the industry further throughout the year.

Showcase Highlights

TerraMaster’s F5-422 is one of the core showcase for CES. The F5-422 offers an excellent solution for size and speed with support for 10GbE LAN allowing this NAS to serve up data at the fastest link possible to avoid bottlenecking your workflow. Fully secure and highly secure, the Terramaster F5-422 offers a compelling option at its target price range. It features a capable quad-core Intel CPU running at 1.5Ghz base and has a boost frequency of 2.3Ghz. This is complimented by 4GB of DDR3 memory and features built-in AES NI encryption for security on top of an enhanced feature set of other security measures.

Visitors have stated praise for the product citing its competitive advantage being its high-speed LAN connection more commonly found in upper market solutions but TerraMaster makes it more accessible with the F5-422.

TOS 4.1 Operating System: Growing with You

TerraMaster’s TOS operating system has been wowing audiences across the globe since its inception and now in its latest iteration, TOS 4.1 is still providing a wealth of features thanks to a healthy selectin of applications for business as well consumers. This is built upon a strong foundation of security and integrity to make sure TerraMasterproducts are always on top of their game. Remarks regarding the TOS has been resoundingly positive with most citing that best of all, it’s always updated at no charge for TerraMaster users.

TOS 4.1 combines features and security updates to make TerraMaster NAS and storage solutions robust and feature rich.Back up your data, manage your file server, and optimize your sharing services in an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly way. The operating system includes a complex of application software, with rich application content, potent multimedia services, and numerous ways to back up your data.

Storage that Works With You

TerraMaster’s Thunderbolt solutions offer extensive options for the needs of highly specialized professionals that demand performance and quality above all else, TerraMaster’s D16 Thunderbolt3 is the ultimate in RAID storage solutions for professionals featuring support for up to 16 drives and able to daisy-chain to other Thunderbolt 3 systems make this product ready to take on any scale of production.

With supported capacities ranging all the way to 256TB connected via high-speed Thunderbolt 3, even the most demanding video workflows are under control with both speed and size at your control.

People seeing the TerraMaster Thunderbolt 3 lineup for the first time notes how simple yet effective and functional the product’s design is and how it fits with most workstations as well as production desks. The extremely scalable ecosystem also allows simplicity in growth from 2-bay solutions all the way to 16-bay.

Visit us at CES 2020

Where: CES 2020 - Las Vegas, Nevada, Hall No., Sands A-D, Booth #41473

When: January 7-10, 2020

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