TerraMaster Attends Intel Partner Connect in Sydney

May 16, 2019 | zz

In May 2019, TerraMaster was invited to Australia to host an Asia-Pacific Partner Meeting at Intel Partner Connect. During the meeting, Intel introduced its latest technology and strategic deployment. Let's take a look.

One of the key discussion points at the meeting was the importance of software as a strategic asset for Intel. Technology helps Intel’s partners to improve the function of their products, and it truly activates a company’s potential for growth. Intel intends to collaborate across the open-source ecosystem, and TerraMaster and Intel are leading the industry in driving data-centric products and service innovations.

At the meeting, Intel specifically emphasizes that Intel’s Linux-based solution will be enhanced for developers  and partners. Intel’s Clear Linux*Distribution is adding Clear Linux Developer Editor, which includes a new installer and store, bringing together toolkits to give developers an operating system with all Intel hardware features already enable. Additionally, Clear Linux usages are expanding to provide end-to-end integration and optimization for Intel hardware features and key workloads supporting the Deep Learning and Date Analytics software stacks. The performance, security, easy-of-use and customization advantages make Clear Linux a great choice for Linux deveiopers.

The Data Analytics Reference Stack was developed to help enterprises analyse, classify, and process large amounts of data. It is built on Intel® Xeon® Scalable platforms using Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark*. Intel® Xeon® leverages TerraMaster’s U series products, which are highly-scalable storage servers designed to meet the requirements of enterprise virtualisation, data-intensive applications, and service continuity.

As a world-renowned storage brand, TerraMaster attracted a crowd at Intel Partner Connect by showcasing its new Thunderbolt 3 device, as well as its fast and flexible 10GBASE-T NAS.

TerraMaster communicated successfully with Intel during the meeting in Australia. The two companies are inseparable in terms of their support and recognition, and TerraMaster remains committed to providing better products, serving more users, and creating safer storage solutions.