Oh, dear! He kissed my TerraMaster D5-300C!

Sep 1, 2017 | LJ


D5-300C adopts USB3.0(5Gbps) SUPERSPEED protocol. In RAID 0, with desktop SSHD hard drives, the read/write speed is up to 410MB/s.

Bigger storage:

D5-300C can support five (5) SATA hard drives, is compatible with 10TB 3.5 inch SATA hard drive, and has a total storage capacity up to 50TB. (Note: users need to purchase their own hard drives. These are not included.)

Refined and friendly design:

Noontec TerraMaster D5-300C adopts aluminum enclosure and low-noise fan, which is firm and reliable, of good heat dissipation, and low noise.

Any way,D5-300C is a good product with favorable price. Tell me you won’t miss it!

Want to know how this guy kisses D5-300C? Watch the funny and professional review

This review is from The Geek Freaks on Youtube