With&IT 2022 Seminar Introduced TerraMaster Lastest TOS 5 System and 423 Series NAS

Oct 24, 2022 | mdl

October 12th, 2022 Korean - With&IT,TerraMaster exclusive Korean distributor, a specialist storage company providing solutions for network provisioning, server and storage construction, IT environment expansion, invites users to attend the 2022 TerraMaster New Product Seminar. With&IT displayed and introduced TerraMaster powerful new products released in 2022, including the latest TOS 5.0 operating system, the latest high-performance 423 series products.

Mr. Kang, CEO of With&IT, introduced the huge improvements and new functions of TOS 5 to users, and provided SMB with more cost-effective and secure storage solutions. Seagate was also invited to participate in the seminar and shared TerraMaster NAS solutions..


The Latest and Greatest: TOS 5.0

In 2022, TerraMaster release new operating system TOS 5 with more than 50 new features and over 600 improvements. The new features will not only meet more professional business needs, but also provide significant improvements in responsiveness, security and ease of use.

Mr. Kang also shared a good news that TerraMaster will release TOS 5.1 Beta version, which is the upgraded version of TOS 5. This new operating system will provide users more secure and rich functions and applications.


New Storage Solutions for Users:

Whether you need high performance and affordable home storage or small to medium sized business storage capable of handling high-load workflow and a high level of concurrent user access, TerraMaster has the suitable and perfect solution for you.

TerraMaster F2-423 and F4-423 features upgraded specifications including efficient Intel Celeron N4505 dual-core processor and the latest TOS 5 operating system, along with two 2.5G Ethernet ports. They have attracted customer interest with their powerful performance and high sercurity at an affordable price.

Other products in the TerraMaster 423 series also offer excellent size and high-speed storage solutions. They feature high quality metal bodies and compact dimensions for flexible deployment, especially the U4-423, with its 360mm (12.17inch) depth, can also fit into a small home user's cabinet. Powerful performance, faster transfer speeds and a wide range of backup solutions, combined with affordable price, make it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


At the end of seminar, With&IT held a lucky draw and the winner will receive an F2-423 sponsored by TerraMaster. Seagate also support this event with Seagate hard drives as prize.

With users’ enthusiasm and support by other guests, this seminar has been a great success, With&IT also expressed the expectation of long-term cooperation with TerraMaster and believe that TerraMaster will reach a higher level in the storage field in the future.