New version, new surprise! TerraMaster released a new version of TNAS mobile app.

Jul 23, 2018 | zz

Jun 30th, 2018

  TerraMaster, a fast-growing storage brand that has been working to provide users with excellent products and user experiences, recently released a new version of the TNAS mobile app. TNAS mobile is a mobile device application developed by TerraMaster. It has two versions, iOS and Android. It is a special APP used in conjunction with TerraMaster TNAS devices. TNAS mobile enables users to access TNAS on mobile devices and provides functions such as uploading and downloading files, backing up cell phone photos, remote access and playing multimedia files.

  The TNAS mobile interface is clean and beautiful and has undergone several upgrades since it was first released in 2017 and has been widely acclaimed by users.



  The new TNAS mobile phone app includes iOS version 1.7.04 as well as Android version 2.3. In addition to fixing some minor bugs, the new version's biggest highlight is the new initial installation feature for TNAS devices. This new feature allows users to initialize the installation of TNAS for the first time in just a few minutes using their mobile phone, and the installation process is very simple, just follow the instructions in the menu to complete a few steps.


  Here's a look at how this new feature works.

  First you need to install the TNAS mobile app on your phone or iPad, then use TNAS mobile to search for TNAS devices on your local network. At this point, please note that your phone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi and make sure your TNAS device is connected with network and powered on.



  Please select the TNAS device you want to connect to in the search results. At this point, TNAS mobile will automatically determine whether the TNAS device has been initialized, and if your TNAS is a new device just purchased and not initialized, TNAS mobile will guide you to the TNAS initialization page.



  Click Next and the system will begin to detect the hard drive.


  If the drive is healthy, you can click Next, or you may need to replace the failed drive. In the next step, TNAS will start to download and install the latest TOS system on its own, a process that will take several minutes.


  After the TOS installation is complete, TNAS will reboot and you will need to wait a moment.


  Next, you need to set the administrator password, the administrator default account is admin.


  At this point, you have completed the initialization of TNAS. You can enter the new password to log on to TNAS and use it.


  The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, the steps are simple and easy to operate without professional knowledge. This new feature really greatly facilitates the installation process of TNAS and is a very practical innovation. TNAS mobile's many new features are still under development, please continue to pay attention to TerraMaster software update information!