10GbE NAS Supported PLEX 4K, Upgrade Your Multimedia Experience   

One of the most common reasons home users buy a network storage device NAS for their home is to use it as a Plex media server. Although many people use third-party streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to watch multimedia, these paid subscription services limit the amount of multimedia you can watch. Running the Plex media server on NAS allows you to enjoy all the media you own, while still enjoying the smooth and intuitive graphical user interface provided on those third-party streaming media platforms, such as media thumbnails, trailers, reviews, watch lists, and shows suggest.

Most NAS support Plex Media Server as an application installed on the device and you can start your brand new Plex NAS as a home theater. However, depending on the NAS drive you choose to use, the level of quality you can enjoy multimedia, simultaneous viewing, and output video may vary. There are many factors in choosing the right NAS for Plex, from budget and storage capacity to internal CPU transcoding capabilities and related features. I would like to Introduce a Plex NAS with the best budget as follow -TerraMaster Intel 10GbE NAS series. To build a smooth audio and video server, the NAS should be with the X86 architecture, and the core display must be powerful enough to decode 4K. The TerraMaster 10GbE NAS series products are all equipped with the Intel quad-core J3455 processor. This processor can smoothly decode 4K H256-level movies, which fully meets the needs of family members to transcode and watch online together at the same time. Plex is a widely acclaimed multimedia content management software that can help you organize scattered audio and video files into an orderly media library. With the powerful computing power and huge storage space of TerraMaster NAS, you can easily create your own Plex multimedia audio and video server.

TerraMaster NAS can install plex directly in the application center, which is very convenient. After logging in to the plex account, Plex will prompt “find a new server”, then just follow the guide to register the server. After completion, you can add the video files in the TerraMaster NAS server and create a playlist. When building a poster wall, Plex can automatically search for corresponding posters, actor information, movie information, etc., which is particularly convenient.

The configured PLEX multimedia server can help you achieve:

1. TerraMaster NAS+ Smart TV, home theater experience

Unified all of the video, film, music and photo data of your family, so that you and your family can enjoy personal multimedia time as you like within the network of the family, without the limitation of sharing between different devices.

2. TerraMaster NAS + TV BOX, multimedia experience at your fingertips

It only takes a few minutes to build a Plex multimedia server on the TerraMaster NAS. The Plex multimedia server not only allows you to create a beautiful video library, photo library, and music library on the NAS, but also through streaming media playback boxes, such as: Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, etc., enables you to easily use your mobile phone, enjoy the audio and video resources stored in the NAS on the tablet and high-definition TV, allowing you to have a perfect Plex experience without any obstacles.

3. TerraMaster NAS + Tablet/Phone, remotely access playback anytime, anywhere

Install a PLEX player on the remote device and log in. Only needs to open the device, and then click the installed Plex player, you can directly watch the media files such as videos in the NAS that have been added to the PLEX playlist. Plex can set the quality of streaming video playback. If the network environment is poor, you can also choose the playback quality to ensure smooth playback. Not limited by location and space, even if you are away from home, you can easily obtain the audio, video, picture and other resources stored on the NAS device through Plex, completely getting rid of the shackles of IP addresses.