/ How to Use TerraMaster NAS to Build a 2.5GbE and 10GbE High-Speed Network Environment to Improve Work Efficiency

At present, people's requirements for data storage and transmission speed are getting higher and higher, enterprises also have new requirements for network bandwidth, and the speed of network cards is also increasing. With the popularity of Gigabit networks, the use of 2.5GbE and 10 Gigabit networks is also increasing.

What is a network card?

A network card, also known as a network adapter, is a hardware device used to connect a computer to a network. According to the transmission rate of the network card, the common ones can be divided into three types: 1Gbps network card, 2.5 Gbps network card, and 10 Gbps network card.

Different network cards have different characteristics and application scenarios.

1. 1Gbps network

Features: low speed, favorable cost

Application scenarios: Mainly used in home networks and small and medium-sized enterprises. Home network requirements are low, and gigabit networks can also meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises for data access, file transfer, and Internet access.

2.2.5Gbps network

Features: The speed is 2.5 times that of the Gigabit network, Cost-effective

Application scenario: Compared with the Gigabit network card, the speed of the 2.5GbE network card is significantly improved, and the cost is also lower than that of the 10-Gigabit network card. It brings great convenience to businesses that use a gigabit network that is not sufficient for their needs



3. 10 Gigabit network

Features: The speed is 10 times that of the Gigabit network card, high cost

Application scenarios: 10 Gigabit network cards have unparalleled high transmission speed and data analysis capabilities, and are suitable for scenarios that require high precision, low latency, and high-quality data transmission. Usually, enterprises with large network scale or complex network applications will choose to use it.

TerraMaster NAS devices with TerraMaster USB adapters can meet the needs of different users, enterprises, and commercial applications, and help different groups of people build a high-speed network environment to improve office efficiency.

2.5G network environment

1.TerraMaster 1GbE NAS + TerraMaster 2.5GbE USB Adapter($39.99) + 2.5GbE Switch($129) + TerraMaster 2.5GbE USB Adapter($39.99)+ Laptop/Desktop PC(total $209)

2. TerraMaster 1GbE NAS + TerraMaster 2.5GbE USB Adapter ($39.99)+ 2.5GbE Switch($129)  + 2.5GbE PCIe  Adapter + Desktop PC(total $209)

3. TerraMaster 2.5GbE NAS + 2.5GbE Switch($129)   + TerraMaster 2.5GbE USB Adapter($39.99) +  Laptop/Desktop PC(total $169)

4. TerraMaster 2.5GbE NAS + 2.5GbE Switch ($129) + 2.5GbE PCIe  Adapter($39.99)  + Desktop PC(total $169)

10G network environment

1. TerraMaster 10GbE NAS + 10GbE Switch ($314)   + 10GbE PCIe  Adapter ($98)  + Desktop PC (total $412)

2. TerraMaster 10GbE NAS + 10GbE Switch ($314)  + Thunderbolt3 to 10GbE Adapter($189)+ Laptop/Desktop PC with Thunderbolt interface (total $503)

The link of USB 2.5G LAN Adaptor:https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/accessories/a-usblan-2-5g.html