/ How to Back Up Data for Business? TerraMaster Duple Backup and Centralized Backup Provide Comprehensive Data Security

In the course of enterprise operations, facing external threats, data loss, and security challenges is an inevitable struggle. These issues may stem from the evolving threats of ransomware, trojan viruses, and unforeseeable factors such as system crashes, equipment failures, and power outages.

To meet the ever-growing demands of enterprises, TerraMaster has introduced Duple Backup, a backup tool designed to provide comprehensive data security. Duple Backup not only boasts powerful backup and restoration capabilities but also serves as a dedicated disaster recovery tool for enhancing the security of TNAS (TerraMaster Network Attached Storage) devices.

Duple Backup can efficiently backup crucial volumes, folders, or iSCSI LUNs from TNAS to multiple destinations, including other TNAS devices, file servers, and cloud storage. This effectively prevents data loss caused by hardware or system failures. Supported backup types encompass volumes, shared folders, and iSCSI LUNs, while backup destinations include TNAS, servers, and cloud storage, offering a diverse range of backup options.

1. Powerful Backup and Restoration Capabilities

Duple Backup empowers enterprises with a robust backup and restoration functionality accessible through an intuitive user menu. Users can effortlessly backup crucial volumes, folders, or iSCSI LUNs from TNAS to multiple destinations, including remote TNAS devices, file servers, or popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3. In the event of a device failure, rapid and reliable restoration of lost data becomes achievable.

2. Disaster Recovery Tool Tailored for TNAS Devices

Duple Backup is specifically designed to enhance the data security of TNAS devices. By proactively preventing data loss due to TNAS hardware or system failures, enterprises can ensure the integrity of their critical data. The disaster recovery tool's design enables swift and reliable data restoration in the event of device failures.

3. Diverse Backup Strategies

Duple Backup offers a variety of backup modes, including mixed mode, incremental mode, mirror mode, and multi-version mode. Enterprises can choose the most suitable backup mode based on their specific needs, achieving comprehensive data protection. The diversity in backup strategies allows businesses to manage their backup processes flexibly, catering to different levels of data security requirements.

Duple Backup enables flexible backup and restoration of TNAS data, supporting backups to external destinations such as TNAS, file servers, and cloud storage. To further ensure enterprise data security, users can complement it with another professional disaster recovery tool, Centralized Backup, providing a dual-layered safeguard.

 Centralized Backup, by backing up diverse IT environments like Windows PCs/servers, file servers, and virtual machines to TNAS through data, showcases its comprehensive and efficient data protection characteristics. The application not only supports various platforms, data encryption, data compression, automated backup, and flexible backup strategies but also offers task version management, logging, and reporting for complete backup control and monitoring.

The centralized data protection solution of Centralized Backup not only meets the basic backup needs of enterprise users but also provides efficient backup and recovery functionalities. By reducing business interruptions caused by data loss or damage, this solution effectively lowers the risks and costs for enterprises.

In conclusion, TerraMaster Duple Backup and Centralized Backup establish a backup ecosystem for enterprises, delivering a double-layered safeguard for users. These two comprehensive and efficient backup solutions significantly assist enterprises in regularly backing up critical data, effectively mitigating the risks of data loss or damage.

Duple Backup: https://www.terra-master.com/global/duple-backup/

Centralized Backup: https://www.terra-master.com/global/centralized-backup