/ Mr J. in Spain

The Background

Mr J. from Spain is a person who is very interested in international financial investment. Recently, according to the operating rules of his investment direction,
he needs to build a large-capacity storage space and ensure high-speed data transmission in order to make more profits.

The Challenge

  • Need large storage space, but the price of hard drive is too high. The budget is limited  
  • While meeting the storage requirement, high data transmission speed is also required  

The Solution

To deal with the problems above, TerraMaster recommends 5-bay DAS USB 3.1 array cabinets, such as: D5-300 and D5-300C to build a large-capacity storage system with lower budget.
At the same time, with Thunderbolt 3 series, such as: D16 Thunderbolt 3 and D8 Thunderbolt 3 to ensure high-speed data transmission.

The Benefits

  • The 5-bay DAS array cabinet can maximize the construction of large-capacity storage in RAID 0 mode, and one computer can be expanded to connect to multiple array cabinets, avoiding the high cost of purchasing a large number of hard drives, which  is extremely cost-effective.
  • Thunderbolt 3 device is equipped with professional hardware RAID controller, dual Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, support multiple RAID modes, and data transfer speed can reach up to 2817MB/s. Besides, it supports daisy-chain multiple devices and expandable storage space with portable design and minimal noise.