/ Customer Stories: Comprehensive Solution for Configuring Drones and Data Centers

The Background

Yunnan Digital Intelligence Cloud Mapping Co., Ltd. is a surveying technology service company located in Yunnan Province, China. The company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for surveying, remote sensing, GIS (Geographical Information System), and spatial information technology.

The company has a professional technical team and advanced surveying equipment, capable of providing comprehensive surveying solutions and customized services according to customer needs. Recently, their client has expressed a demand for a comprehensive solution for configuring drones and data centers.

The Challenge

  • Storage requirement: The data collected is usually large in volume, which requires a large storage capacity.
  • Data transmission: Due to the large data volume, data transmission may face challenges such as bandwidth limitations and slow transfer speed.
  • Data security and privacy protection: requires effective data security and privacy protection measures, including data encryption, access control, user authentication, etc., to protect customer data security and privacy.
  • Cost control: considering the customer's budget and requirements, it is important to have proper cost control.

The Solution

Based on in-depth communication with the customer, Yunnan Digital Intelligence Cloud Mapping Co., Ltd. understood their specific requirements, including the types of data collected by their drones, data volume, data processing requirements, storage space needs, and budget. As a result, they recommended TerraMaster D16 Thunderbolt 3, a high-capacity and high-speed storage solution.

The Benefits

  •  Provides a total storage capacity of up to 320TB.
  • Equipped with a pair of Thunderbolt 3 interfaces (40 Gbps) and a hardware RAID controller, providing speeds of up to 2480MB/s.
  • Provides multi-layered data security protection, including support for various RAID modes, automatic detection of hard drive insertion and removal, hot-swap, and email notifications for abnormal events.
  • Cost-effective professional-grade storage solution allows customers to flexibly configure based on their budget and requirements