/ How to effectively control Enterprise’s data backup costs

With the development of the digital economy, we have entered an accelerated stage of digital transformation. As the core asset of an enterprise, data will play a huge value, and its importance is self-evident. Therefore, the backup and protection of date is very essential for enterprises.

At the same time, in the era of data flood, users' data is characterized by massive quantification, diversification and strict supervision. Enterprises are also facing the following difficulties:

The backup window requirements for massive data: rapidly growing data, long backup of process and complex backup environment (physical environment, virtualized environment, IOE environment, localized environment, etc.) How to back up more data in the same time or how to improve backup efficiency is one of the challenges faced by enterprises.

Scientific supervision of data protection budget: Data shows that the IT budget of enterprise data protection will expand with the growth of data volume, but the growth of cost is limited. Enterprises hope to manage unlimited growth of business and data with a limited budget, and through Richer backup services and unified data protection solutions to control costs. How to reduce the budget of data backup is another challenge faced by enterprises.

Unleash the business value of backup data: how to use the backup data in scenarios such as development and testing, emergency drills, mount recovery, data query and analysis, etc., so that key data in various application scenarios is not lost, and can be quickly restored to a specified time, and through economical and reliable backup to accumulate data assets and enhance core competitiveness are also challenges faced by enterprises.

However, when faced with massive data, the first thing to do is to identify the backup value of the data. Not all data in the massive data has backup value. Enterprises should clarify which data needs to be backed up and which data do not need to be backed up.

Secondly, it is necessary to identify the activity characteristics, backup strategy, importance and other characteristics of the backup data. Once a problem occurs in the system, some data needs to be recovered in time, and some data can be recovered slowly. Some data changes have a small amount of change in a certain period, and some data changes are very large, so the corresponding strategies will be different.

In addition, consider the backup costs. After counting and analyzing the data, enterprise should select their storage device according to the different backup requirements.

TerraMaster provides the following solutions to provide a reliable and safe data backup for enterprise:


1.  Small/Medium Business Network Storage

Applicable to: R & D organization, small factory, school, training center, consulting firm, law firm, architectural design institute, creative design company, advertising company, public relations company, clinic. 

2. Enterprise Network Storage Server

Applicable to: governments, banks, power companies, hospitals, public security, education institutions, railway, enterprise group, small and medium-sized R&D institutions, factories, building design institutes, hospitals, etc. 

3. SOHO RAID Storage

Applicable to: Design institutes, libraries, photography studio, advertising creative companies, photography enthusiasts 

4. Thunderbolt 3 Storage for Video Editing

Applicable to: TV station, film company, photography studio, advertising creative company, photography enthusiast