/ How to use TNAS to build a large-capacity private cloud?

We have a large amount of data and files that need to be stored in the computers or other terminal equipment in our daily life. However, this method requires the computer to be equipped with high-capacity hard disks, and it needs to be carried anytime and anywhere. This is really troublesome to our work.

TerraMaster introduces home/enterprise NAS for those users who are demanding capacity. By building a private cloud with TNAS, we can access our files stored in the NAS anytime and anywhere through the web. And you can use iSCSI to build a variety of servers, build a large capacity of private cloud.

1. What is NAS?

In general, NAS is a special computer with a capacity of hard disk device, installed on the file storage management service software, through the network for mobile phones, computers, TV boxes, iPad and other devices to provide data remote access, backup and data synchronization functions. A storage device used to store data such as photos, videos, music and documents. You can use it as an individual, share storage space with your relatives, friends, and colleagues, and access files on your phone using TNAS mobile APP. Click here to learn more about NAS.

2. What is private cloud?

Private cloud is another form of cloud computing. It provides a dedicated cloud environment for an enterprise or organization. The private cloud can be operated internally by the IT team within the enterprise or organization behind the organization's firewall, so the organization can better control its computing resources. The core attribute of a private cloud is proprietary resources.

Private cloud services generally have high security, stable services, and convenient management; the disadvantage is that the establishment cost is high and the sharing is poor.

3. Why choose private cloud?

Private cloud help reduce capacity underutilization. Users can automatically configure and reconfigure resources in any way they want with private cloud.

In addition, the private cloud has other advantages, such as:

• Greater flexibility—Organizations can customize the cloud environment to meet specific business needs.

• Higher security—Resources are not shared with other organizations, enabling higher levels of control and security.

• Higher scalability—Private cloud still have the scalability and efficiency of public clouds.

 4. Compared with public cloud services, NAS is more diverse and convenient

The main disadvantage of storing files in the public cloud is to allow others to control your personal data and high subscription fees. However, USB lacks the ability of remote access and automatic backup, and its portability can easily lead to damage or loss.

NAS has become the best alternative and necessity for modern families and enterprises. All files stored in the NAS are under your control by centrally backing up to a private cloud.

5. How to use TNAS to expand storage space

The number of servers and storage space of the company are not enough. In this case, what should we do since the cost of purchasing new servers is very high?

TerraMaster NAS creates more possibilities for you to build multiple servers with iSCSI. TNAS offers high expandability by mounting iSCSI LUN, NFS remote folder, and SMB remote folder allows simple expansion of the storage space, whether in the file server, VMware VM, Hyper-V VM, or existing TNAS device.

How to add a virtual disk in TOS?

1.Please go to Control Panel> Storage Manager> Virtual Disk, then click "Create". Before you perform this operation, you need to create an iSCSI target on other NAS devices or servers.

2.Enter the IP address of the server where the iSCSI Target is located and port (default port: 3260), then click "Obtain iSCSI LUN". If password validation is required, please enter the username and password. You can choose to enable the "Data Summary" or "Header Summary", which will be set as the items required for verification when the iSCSI initiator is connected to the iSCSI target. Click "Next".

3.Select iSCSI LUN and click "OK" . Please note that only one iSCSI LUN can be connected to a host or server at the same time. TNAS supports mounted hard drive formats of EXT3, EXT4, FAT32, NTFS, and HFS +. If the iSCSI LUN format is "unknown", you can select "Format the iSCSI LUN Now", and all data on the disk will be cleared.

TerraMaster NAS provides rich services for business users. It can realize the functions of multiple servers at the same time at the cost of one product. The large capacity of NAS can flexibly increase the storage space of computer or server, and the capacity of NAS becomes the expanded storage capacity of local devices with the function of iSCSI mounting. Therefore, whether it is to install professional software and execute large-scale games, or to store a large number of video materials, there is no problem at all.