/ Stunning Speed! TerraMaster D4-320 10Gbps Hard Dick Enclosure Makes Data Storage More Efficient

With the advancement of technology and the evolution of our digital age, the demand for data storage has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Whether for household users, small offices, or medium-sized enterprises, reliable and efficient data storage solutions are essential to manage the ever-growing volumes of data.

DAS (Direct Attached Storage) devices indeed play a crucial role in modern life and work, serving various purposes such as local data storage, backup, and accessibility:

High-Speed Data Transfer: DAS devices typically employ USB 3.2 10Gbps interfaces to achieve rapid data transfer, meeting the demands for backing up, storing, and accessing vast amounts of data.

Data Backup: DAS devices serve as a means to back up important files from computers or other devices onto external storage, mitigating the risk of data loss or corruption.

Expandable Storage Capacity: DAS devices offer a solution for expanding the storage capacity of computers or other devices by connecting to USB ports, allowing users to easily store less frequently accessed files on external drives and free up internal storage space.

Enhanced Work Efficiency: For professionals and businesses, quick access and processing of large volumes of data are paramount. By connecting to high-speed DAS devices, users can achieve fast data access and processing, thereby enhancing work efficiency and expediting workflows.

In such a context, TerraMaster has introduced the brand-new D4-320, a 4-bay USB3.2 10Gbps data storage device, elevating users' data storage experience to a whole new level. Compared to its predecessors, the D4-320 boasts faster data transfer speeds, larger storage capacity, and more stable performance, making it the ideal choice for users' storage needs.

TerraMaster has always been committed to providing innovative storage products, and the new D4-320 represents the latest masterpiece in this field for the brand. It's not just an upgrade from the previous D4-300; it embodies an entirely new design philosophy. Firstly, the D4-320 adopts the USB3.2 Gen2 interface, doubling the data transfer bandwidth to 10Gbps from the previous generation's 5Gbps, thus delivering twice the transfer speed for users.

In addition to the enhanced transfer speeds, the D4-320 also brings fresh optimizations in terms of exterior design and hard drive installation. The product's appearance is sleeker and more elegant, with an internally structured design that's more logically arranged, and hard drive installation is now even more convenient and straightforward. Moreover, in order to minimize the impact of noise on users, TerraMaster has meticulously optimized the product by adding damping measures and employing special sound-absorbing panels. As a result, the overall noise level has been reduced by 50% compared to the previous generation. In standby mode, the noise level is as low as only 21dB(A), creating an exceptionally tranquil user environment.