/ What Storage Solution You Should Choose for 4K Video Editing—10GbE High-speed NAS

With the development of the Internet, some emerging media businesses have experienced explosive growth. The video has become an indispensable element in people's lives. Whether it is personal, family or business, there is a large amount of video data to be stored and processed. For content creators, if you do not have the right device, you will find that video editing is a daunting task, especially when you deal with 4K video editing projects. From storing raw files, organizing each clip, to rendering the final output, there are many things you need to optimize.

 4K video editing not only requires a high-speed creative environment, but also needs to ensure video security. For a long time, real-time collaboration of 4K video clips has also been a huge challenge. Whether photographers, professionals, film and television producers, they all hope to edit the RAM source files directly on the 4K material captured by the camera.

Thus there are higher requirements towards the production host and storage system, especially for the reading and writing performance requirements of the storage system. Not only does it require large-capacity support for post-editing storage, but also stable ultra-high reading and writing performance. When the amount of data is increasing, the editing workflow changes, how to improve the editing efficiency, and the editing method of sharing video materials are more and more favored by users. And simple, low-cost, high-efficiency shared editing is also a storage system that most post-workers hope to use.

 When it comes to managing large 4K video files, if you start using NAS for centralized storage and editing of 4K videos, you will realize how easy it is to centrally manage, edit and share large files. It is very important to upgrade equipment and improve team work efficiency.

At present, the network storage system with cost-effective performance for 4K and 8K editing and sharing in the market is the 10GbE NAS solution provided by TerraMaster.

T9-450 and T12-450 are equipped with dual 10GB SFP+ ethernet interfaces and dual 2.5GbE interfaces, which can provide users with amazing editing Speed, and both data protection, team collaboration functions. It can meet 4K and some 8K video editing, as well as 4K video color correction applications, etc. Meanwhile it supports workstations with different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Editors don't need to waste time copying and transferring materials, and don't need to worry about data loss.

 Powerful Hardware Configuration

The T9-450 and T12-450 will greatly improve the work efficiency of content creators. They use Intel Atom C3558R quad-core processor with a main frequency of up to 2.4GHz, 8 GB DDR4 dual-channel memory (expandable up to 32 GB), equipped with dual SFP+ 10GB ethernet interfaces, and dual 2.5GbE RJ45 ports. Coupled with TerraMaster Hyper Cache SSD cache acceleration technology, it can double the transmission performance.

High-speed Online Video Editing

The film and television post-production process is highly complex. By building a 10G network, T9-450 and T12-450 can realize smooth online editing of multi-camera and multi-track 4K/8K materials without stuttering, and the collaborative operation of special effects production, video synthesis, and lens clip import and output becomes easy. Data reading and writing is smooth without lag, greatly reducing the production time of the project.

Commonly Used Disk Speed Test Software: Blackmagic Disk Speed Test read and write speed.

Compatible With Various Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere pro: supports Adobe Premiere pro multi-layer and multi-camera editing, and can be optimized for CPU, memory, and graphics card performance.

Edius: Support Edius' complete file workflow, and provide performance optimization for real-time, track, multi-format mixing, compositing, chroma key, subtitle and timeline output functions.

DaVinci Resolve: A program that supports DaVinci Resolve's intelligent database management and collaborative work, which is more convenient and faster.

Final Cut Pro: Support the latest SMB3 protocol of Apple Final Cut Pro, use NAS as the extended resource material library (Libraries) of Mac devices to tens or even hundreds of terabytes, create projects directly on NAS, edit and output videos, perfect freed the resource burden of Mac devices, and fully release the unlimited potential of Mac devices and Final Cut Pro.