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F2-220 Product Video Introduction

Intel dual core 2.4GHz CPU

Noontec TerraMaster F2-220 adopts Intel Celeron 2.41GHz dual core CPU (overclocked to 2.58GHz ) and is equipped with 2GB Ram with high operation efficiency, several tasks of simultaneous processing as well as file read/write speed of more than 100MB/S.

Supporting diversified hard drives

Noontec TerraMaster F2-220 is compatible with 3.5 inch 10TB SATA hard drive and you can install two hard drives with total storage capacity of up to 20TB. It supports 3.5 inch SATA hard drive, 2.5 inch SATA hard drive and 2.5 inch SSD.

Multiple RAID

Noontec TerraMaster F2-220 supports multiple RAID such as RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, SINGLE, thus it can provide various applications for users and guarantee more data security.

Various Server Applications

It supports file server, mail server, web server, media server, Rsync remote server, FTP server, MySQL server and other wide variety of server applications, to meet the common needs of small business customers.

Storage Space Sharing

It can share storage space for large number of users supporting up to 1000+ users access, which uses RBAC permission management and Windows ACL to set access permission based on user, user groups and folders.

Multiple File-sharing Service

It supports SMB、AFP、NFS、ISCSI、FTP and other file services, making it easy to be subjected to file access and sharing.

A variety of backup methods

It supports Time Machine backup, USB external storage backup and Rsync remote backup, efficiently protecting your data security.

Friendly TOS Operation System

Noontec TerraMaster F2-220 runs Linux-based TerraMaster TOS operation system.
As TOS interface is simple and friendly, any new users can easily get started.

Desirable Multimedia Server

It supports DLNA/UPNP protocol and iTunes server, which can server as home media server. The server streams the multimedia files through smart TV, set-top boxes or mobile device.

Personal Cloud Storage

F2-220 provides two kinds of remote login ways: one for TNAS.online and the other for DDNS. The users can set up devices as personal cloud storage and remote login through computer or mobile application.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Synchronization

Noontec TerraMaster F2-220 supports Dropbox cloud storage synchronization, which can synchronize file in the Dropbox directory with TerraMaster TNAS, making file sharing more easy and efficient!

Smart TNAS Desktop Assistant

TerraMaster provides Windows and Mac OS users with TNAS desktop application that can assist users to connect device, access file, set system and supply technical support easily.

Reliable and efficiency

As F2-220 adopts an aluminum-ally shell and low-noise fans, it is solid and reliable with good heat dissipation and low noise. Due to the use of removable hard drive tray, it is easy to install the hard drive that also supports hot swap.

Green energy saving

With green energy-saving design, the power consumption of F2-220 is only 25.6W in the operation status and just 2W in standby. Once the device has no operation task in 10 minutes, the hard drive will automatically sleep, which reduces the power dissipation and extentd the usage life of the hard drive.

F2-220 Quick Video Guide