/ How to prevent data tampering?

Data is a precious asset for almost all users, and data security is very important to everyone. Some data storage requirements are also regulated by law, as seen in court cases, medical cases, financial securities, and company financial data. These important data must be able to be read but not rewritten for a specified time period defined in law. Such data also needs to be protected against tampering. Systems with Write Once Read Many (WORM) features offer access to write-once-read-many technology, which is a commonly used method for data security access and archiving across the storage industry.
The WORM feature means that after the file is written, it can be placed in a read-only state by removing the write permissions of the file. In this state, the file can only be read, and it thus cannot be deleted, modified, or renamed. By configuring the WORM feature to protect stored data in this way, such data can be protected from accidental manipulation.

TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system is a storage system with WORM characteristics. By applying write-once-read-many technology, the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of the original data in the storage medium are guaranteed, satisfying the stringent security needs of most enterprises with data security storage and legal supervision requirements.

The main characteristic of the TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system is that its WORM feature is based on a file system and is thus not limited by the file service type. It is thus suitable for most common file services, though it can only be set up by an administrator. Administrators can flexibly assign read and write permissions to users and set a protection period. During this protection period, the data uploaded to the device can only be read: it cannot be deleted, modified, or renamed. This protection period can be set for up to 70 years, and, to further improve security, once the protection period is set, it can only extended, not shortened.

Compared with other storage solutions with WORM features, the TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system offers higher security. Once the TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system is created, even an administrator cannot delete or modify the storage partition from the menu page or the system background. As long as the storage device is safely placed in an isolated environment, anyone without access to the NAS hardware devices, whether employees with administrator privileges or hackers, cannot affect the data.

The TerraMaster HyperLock-WORM file system offers an innovation in data security management, providing more secure protection for customers' important digital assets. It is thus suitable for a range of industries that require optimal data security, such as government, public health, law, finance, and high-tech enterprises.

This feature has been added to the latest TOS 5 operating system released on June 13. Install TOS 5 system to experience!