TerraMaster Introduces Upgraded Hardware RAID Performance for All Thunderbolt 3 Series

Jun 2, 2021 | CM

New, dedicated RAID chip provides significant data performance improvements in RAID storage products

Shenzhen, China, June 2, 2021 – TerraMaster, specialists in innovative storage products, are pleased to announce the availability of new RAID storage solutions featuring an upgraded hardware RAID chip that offers significantly faster data transfer performance. The upgraded hardware RAID chip solution now features in a wide range of professional TerraMaster Thunderbolt 3 DAS products including, TD2 Thunderbolt 3, D4 Thunderbolt 3 4-Bay, D5 Thunderbolt 3 5-Bay and D8 Thunderbolt 3 8-Bay Professional-Grade RAID DAS enclosures.
The hardware RAID solution enables RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50 options, where disk count allows, greatly improving office efficiency and productivity with its significantly upgraded disk performance. These refreshed solutions are ideal for high-speed data access in applications with large data storage needs, including professional and prosumer applications such as 4K video editing, photography, 3D animation; for example: Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Lightroom.

Upgraded Hardware RAID Solution offers Superior Performance

The new upgraded hardware RAID chip significantly improves performance, increasing HDD read speeds by up to 63% and write speeds by up to 88% compared to last generation products. When using SSDs, speeds are up to 32% and 25% faster in read/write, respectively.

Hardware RAID Benefits

Using a hardware RAID solution offloads the host CPU, improving application performance and productivity as the CPU is free to work on other user tasks rather than data transfer management. Unexpected power outages mean a substantial risk of data corruption in software RAID environments. Products featuring on-board flash memory to provide faster, more efficient backup and restore capabilities, providing additional data storage fail-safes in addition to the performance enhancements.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In addition to improving productivity and data security, other RAID storage solutions with software RAID require software to run on the host system, which can even be an additional cost post-purchase. Therefore, despite the marginally more expensive initial investment, TerraMaster Thunderbolt 3 series with hardware RAID offers business a lower TCO.

The Thunderbolt RAID storage advantage

40 Gb/s Thunderbolt3 connectivity provides the extreme speeds required for native-like storage experience, with compatibility for the latest MacOS Big Sur OS. Both 3.5-inch SATA HDD and 2.5-inch SSDs are supported, while several Thunderbolt-enabled RAID storage devices can be daisy-chained to extend to meet even the most extensive storage needs. Up to 15W of power delivery via USB-C PD can even conveniently recharge compatible Mac laptops.

Further information about TerraMaster Thunderbolt3 hardware RAID storage solutions:

D16 Thunderbolt 3 provides up to 288TB of storage with speeds of up to 2100MB/s. 
D8 Thunderbolt 3 provides up to 144TB of storage with speeds of up to 2100MB/s. 
D5 Thunderbolt 3 provides up to 90TB of storage with speeds of up to 1035MB/s.
TD2 Thunderbolt 3 provides up to 36TB of storage with speeds of up to 800MB/s. 

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