How to set up TNAS as a personal cloud with Google Drive Sync

Nov 4, 2020 | mdl

Google Drive Sync enables data synchronization between your TNAS device and Google Drive.


Install Google Drive Sync

To install Google Drive Sync, go to the TOS Application Center, find the Google Drive Sync application, and then click "Install".


Use Google Drive Sync

1. Open the Google Drive Sync application and enter a name for the new connection in "Connection Name".

2. Click "Next" to pop up a new page.If a new page does not appear, please check your browser's address bar, as it may be blocked by your antivirus software.

3. Enter your Google Drive account name and password on the new page.If you do not have a Google Drive account, please follow the instructions to apply for one.

4. Click "Agree" on the "Log in with a Google account" page.

5. Click "Agree" on the "Cloud Sync requires for following permission" page.

6. Choose the directory that you need to synchronize in the Google Drive Sync task, click "Next", and then hit "OK".



For an overview of Google Drive Sync, open the application and click "Overview". On this page, you can check the status of the connection and the storage space of the Google Drive cloud disk.



On the “Connection” page, you can create a new connection or disconnect/delete the connected Google Drive account.


Task Management

On the “Task List” page, you can create a new task, edit the synchronization mode, and stop or delete any created tasks.



On the “Log Management” page, you can export, clear, and search related logs. The exported logs are saved as XSL format files.


Note: Any files that meet one or more of the following conditions will not be synchronized:

1. Files with a size of 0KB or more than 5TB.

2. Folders or file paths with a length greater than 2048 characters.

Files with a name more than 255 characters.

3. If there is a text file in the local directory with the same name as a file in the cloud disk directory, the local text file will overwrite the remote one.