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How to be good at using qBittorrent, TerraMaster’s BT download tool?

Aug 19, 2020 | Mdl

qBittorrent is a popular,cross-platform,lightweight,multi-functional, and open-source BitTorrent client. The application can download files via BT torrent files and the Magnet URI scheme.

qBittorrent supports downloads in various ways, including peer exchange, DHT, and full encryption. The client also supports automatic shutdown after completing the download task. Download and upload speeds can also be limited, iPv6 can be used, and the user will also have access to IP filtering, download schedule manager, subscribe RSS, and browsing by category.

To download qBittorrent, follow the simple steps given below:

1. Install qBittorrent:

Go to TOS –Application–Beta qBittorrent

2. Login into qBittorrent:

You can do so with the username “admin” and the password “adminadmin”.


3. Change user interface language

Go to Settings—Web UI—Language




 4.  Add torrent

     1.Via BT torrent file


     2.Via magnet URI scheme


Attention:When qBittorrent is first started, the download speed will not increase immediately. However, after you connect properly to the torrent file, the download speed will soon reach the maximum speed.

  5. Modify the save path

Go to Settings—Downloads—Default Save Path




6. Seeding:

Seeding refers to the process of sharing files with other peers. Aftera torrent job finishes downloading, you can leave it seeding, in which case it will upload the files to other peers, enabling them to enjoy them too.



Applicable models:

220 series: F2-220/F4-220/F5-220

420 series: F2-420/F4-420/F5-420

221 series: F2-221/F4-221/F5-221

421series: F2-421/F4-421/F5-421

422 series: F2-422/F4-422/F5-422