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The latest TOS 4.1.21 is available for download and update now.

Mar 18, 2020 | zz

  TOS 4.1.21 Release Notes:

   TOS 4.1.21 includes bug fixes of previous version, new features and optimized user interface:
   1. Removed the features “backup from TNAS to USB” and “backup from USB to TNAS” at Backup on TOS desktop;
   2. New app USB Copy at TOS Application center;
   3. New prompt message when external USB drive is removed;
   4. Fixed the issue that HDDs would not go to sleep;
   5. Fixed the problem of garbled folders name when access TNAS through SMB.


 Important Notice:
  This update needs to update the system kernel. It is expected to take 20 ~ 30 minutes.
  Please do not shut down the device during the process, otherwise the update failure may cause your TNAS device to no longer be used.
  If you encounter problems during the update process, please contact our technical support team in time.
  email: support@terra-master.com


  Additoinal information:
   As of April 1, 2020, TerraMaster will no longer provide maintenance and support services for versions earlier than TOS 4.0.
   In order to improve your TNAS performance and keep your data safe, it is recommended that you update your TOS system as soon as possible.