TerraMaster Released the Latest TOS 5.1.33 Significantly Improved F2-223 and F4-223 Hardware Decoding for Plex 4K Video

Apr 24, 2023 | CM

TerraMaster recently released the latest system TOS 5.1.33, which greatly improves the 4K video hardware-accelerated transcoding capabilities of TerraMaster F2-223 and F4-223 NAS series,
especially for Plex users to enjoy
smoother, more efficient, faster, higher-definition multimedia experience when processing 4K high-definition video. 

Transcoding is essential to enjoy smooth media playback. It works by converting media files to the appropriate resolution and bitrate based on your device's capabilities and internet connection.
The popularization and application of 4K ultra-high-definition video makes hard decoding technology more and more important. Hardware accelerated transcoding uses the dedicated hardware functions
of the supported CPU or GPU to perform transcoding
 and conversion. NAS that supports GPU can greatly benefit from Hardware accelerated transcoding.

TOS 5.1.33 Hardware Decoding Features
The new version of TOS 5.1.33 software optimizes functions and fully uses GPU to deeply participate in hardware-accelerated transcoding, solving the pain point of high CPU usage caused by
software-based transcoding mainly relying on NAS CPU, allowing NAS to use dedicated hardware transcoding and DLNA, UPnP
 transmission protocols support 4K high-definition video through
automatic transcoding on streaming media clients such as Plex and Emby, ensuring smooth playback on different media players and devices. Of course hardware accelerated streaming on PLEX
requires a Plex Pass account.

F2-223 and F4-223 High Configuration
TerraMaster F2-223 and F4-223 are equipped with the latest Intel N4505 Dual-Core CPU with integrated graphics, 4GB DDR4, powerful hardware transcoding capabilities:
H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2, VC-1; maximum resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160); maximum frame rate per second (FPS): 60. The new version software TOS 5.1.33 optimized
hardware decoding technology can make full use of hardware acceleration to improve decoding speed and
video quality, whether at home or at work, users can enjoy a smoother,
higher-quality 4K video playback experience.

Faster Video Editing Speed
To edit and clip videos, TerraMaster F2-223 and F4-223 equipped with dual 2.5 GbE interfaces, supporting a 2.5Gb high-speed network bandwith 
and up to 5Gb network bandwidth can be achieved through link aggregation, can speed up the process, allowing users to complete video editing faster.

Of course, if you need a stronger hardware configuration, the latest model TerraMaster F4-423, T6-423 and other NAS series equipped with the latest Intel N5095 Quad-Core CPU
with integrated graphics are also good choices.

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TerraMaster F2-223: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/homesoho-nas/f2-223.html 
TerraMaster F4-223: https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/homesoho-nas/f4-223.html

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